The value of a pair of socks is way more than the price: Homeless people struggle to find clean dry socks to wear. As a result they can develop both trench foot and warm water immersion foot.  A homeless person with a history of this is 8 times more likely to die in the next 5 years compared to a person who is not homeless.

The Best Treatment is Prevention: Once trench foot or warm water immersion foot has developed healing occurs only when the feet are cleaned, dried and exposed to air for weeks. The best treatment is prevention and the best prevention is to wear clean dry socks.

Heirisson helps by: 

  • Getting people to donate socks - preferably new adult socks in natural fibres (cotton or wool). Donated socks can be left with Perth Homeless Support Group at 28A Munt St, Bayswater or collected by Rotary. This is a great project for schools - it is quite easy for students to collect socks.
  • Donating money to the web site: Socks in the City Donations - $5 will buy two pairs of socks
Contact: Ken Mullin at