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From Treasurer Don,
Apologies for being so overdue with a new issue of Heirisson Happenings.  All the usual excuses can be provided upon request.  In the meantime please read on …
Guest Speaker 6 September – Warwick Smith
Our very own Warwick gave a very interesting presentation on the work being done in Australian Rotary Health (ARH).  Warwick leads the WA Team and explained the ARH uses the funds raised to undertake research and generate intellectual property.  Since the 1980s, ARH has provided research grants valued at $50 million, with $20 million going into mental health research.  WA Rotary Clubs have donated $4 million in total with Heirisson providing $5,900 over the same period.  Warwick stressed the urgency of mental health research with 1 in 5 people currently facing a mental health challenge. Warwick outlined the many facets of mental health troubles, and he described the many activities supported by ARH that assist people to overcome their problems.  Other research has been into SIDS, where ARH projects achieved significant success in reducing the loss of babies through SIDS by 80 per cent.  ARH also supports the Indigenous Health Scholarships, which is training Indigenous people to become doctors.  Warwick concluded by saying that ARH benefits from many corporate supporters, and individuals can donate and receive a tax deduction for their donation.
Guest Speaker 20 September –
Dr Ryan Cohen
Ryan was the recipient of a WA Indigenous Scholarship in medicine which allowed him to become a doctor.
After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Western Australia, I commenced my medical training at the University of Notre Dame. I have subsequently worked as a doctor in both the public and private health sectors, being involved in the treatment of a number of patients with colorectal cancer.

He is currently involved in medical education at the University of Notre Dame and have completed further post-graduate training in health professional education.

Colorectal (bowel) cancer is the second most common cancer and major cause of death in Australia. Survival is poor if the cancer comes back after surgery (recurrence). Early detection of colorectal cancer recurrence allows for treatment, however, we have no way of knowing in which patients this will happen. We need to develop new ways to identify those patients at greatest risk and most likely to benefit from earlier detection.

This study will review four potential markers of colorectal cancer recurrence:

  1. Cancer DNA released into the bloodstream
  2. Cancer cell fragments released into the bloodstream
  3. Molecules on the surface of cancer cell fragments in the bloodstream Immune cells attacking the cancer

Blood and cancer samples, already collected from over 1,000 patients with colorectal cancer will be analysed to study the relationship between the above markers and patient survival.

Guest Speaker 4 October – Alan Padgett
As well as being Jacqueline’s father-in-law, Alan is also an accomplished poet.  After retiring from a career at the Indigenous Land and Sea Corporation, Allan turned his focus to more creative endeavours.  He published his first poetry book in 2021 and is regularly included in nationally distributed publications.  Alan’s presentation was very interesting, he read some very thought-provoking poems, and initiated a lively discussion about the role of poetry in modern life.  We hope to see him back at future meetings.
Guest Speaker 18 October – Jacqueline Baril
At long last, we managed to pin Jacqueline down so that she could deliver her introductory presentation to the Club about her life a times.  And what adventures she has had!  From growing up on the prairies in northern Alberta, Canada, Jacqueline did a Rotary Youth Exchange in Thailand at the tender age of 15.  After returning to Canada to complete studies, somewhere about then she met Mark Padgett, a strapping Australian bloke and after further time in Canada, they came to Perth where they married.  Jacqueline works in IT marketing and in her spare time is an excellent mentor for Emi Navarria, our RYE student from Italy.
Festival of Speed – 30 September
A courageous group of Heirisson worthies – Bronwyn, Ken, Justin, Jacqueline, Jim, Maddie, Robin, Anne, Sheridan, Emi, Don and Bev spent the day at the Wanneroo Raceway collecting entrance money and guiding patrons at the ‘Festival of Speed’.  It was another huge event for car enthusiasts organised by Justin and after some initial confusion (‘Where am I supposed to be?’, What are we doing?  We need another square’ etc), we were busy for most of the day.  We did very well and we will receive $1,750 for our efforts.  Thanks as always to Justin who is able to provide these opportunities to raise money for the club and to learn a little bit more about these new-fangled horseless carriages!
Australia Day 2024
Although a long way off, planning for our breakfast in Victoria Gardens on Australia Day has commenced.  As well as the serving of breakfast to about 250 people, the day will commence with a smoking ceremony which is being organised by Denyse McClements, Senior Manager, Events and Alumni | Auspire – Australia Day Council (WA).  Robin, Ken and Don have met with Denise and will be working with her as we get closer to the date.
Exchange student news
Past RYE student Melissa Shao (2017)  is  now a Digital Marketing Intern at The Adecco Group.  She’s  also President of Rotaract Brianza Nord and an alumnus of Bocconi University and its IE Business School.  She is looking forward to applying and further developing all the skills and knowledge she learned during her Masters at IE Business School.  Here's a  photo of her in corporate rig.
Past RYE Julia Otani (2018) is progressing through her Engineering Degree, and is spending a year studying in Porto, Portugal.  She says it is good to be in a bigger university with better equipment and she said she is enjoying a unit about systems in pneumatics and hydraulics.  She said her classes are in Portuguese, and she could prefer them to be in English as although Brazilians speak Portuguese, she finds the language in Portugal quite different and the accent very hard to interpret.
Emi Navarria and her fellow RYE student Katrine (from Denmark) at MLSHS joined the Burnsides at Rottnest for four days.  They were heard to describe it as ‘heaven’ and ‘magic’ and did a lot of swimming and bike-riding.  Bike riders bum was experienced though, but they seem to have got over that.  And of course there were many photos taken of quokkas.  A photo of them at the beach is attached.
Recent charitable donations
Over the last month or so, Heirisson has provided ….
  • $300 to GSHS for food for the after-school Maths Enrichment Group.  The group is growing in number which is very pleasing.
  • $625 to assist James Dumbreck attend January’s NYSF. 
Coming events
1 November – Presentation of the Doug Worthington Photographic Prize; and presentation from Emi Navarria
9 November - Clontarf Awards Night - 9 November, 4pm (held at GSHS, 39 Calvert Way, Girrawheen)
2 December – Christmas Function and Bronwyn’s House
5 December - Silent Walk (supporting Family Domestic Violence)
6 December - AGM of the Rotary Club of Heirisson
Next Club Meeting this week November 1st at Perth & Tattersalls Bowling Club 2 Plain St., East Perth. 6pm for Dinner/Drinks, 7pm for meeting. See y'all there! 
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