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Last Week's Guest Speaker:

Rod Slater,

"Hydrogen Powered Vehicles"

Guest Speaker Rod Slater
Picture Doug Worthington
I first became aware of Hydrogen fuel in 2004 when as president of the RAC WA I attended a three day conference. At that conference I happened to be sitting next to an American couple and his task at NASA was to calculate the liquid hydrogen fuel load to power the rocket to the moon and back in 1969.

Now transportation from hydrogen derived from h2o, water, is the way forward as hydrogen is the most abundant element in the universe. We are moving from fossil fuel to 2030 target for electric vehicles. 

The problem for electric vehicles is that of battery life, the cost of replacement of the batteries, the time taken to recharge a fully electric vehicle, and the limited distance of travel for the vehicle.

In 1900 electric vehicles dominated because the fossil fuel cars were noisy with no mufflers, and hard to start until the starter motor. In 1920 when fossil fuel cars had addressed these issues there were no electric cars. 

The current challenge with electric vehicles is that electricity is derived from fossil fuels and the challenge is to have the electricity from renewable energy. 

The hydrogen fuel cell is solid with no moving parts. The hydrogen is taken from a storage tank in the vehicle and mixes with air to produce electricity and water vapour.

[Source: http://www.fchea.org/fuelcells]

A fuel cell is composed of an anode, a cathode, and an electrolyte membrane.  A fuel cell works by passing hydrogen through the anode of a fuel cell and oxygen through the cathode. At the anode site, the hydrogen molecules are split into electrons and protons. The protons pass through the electrolyte membrane, while the electrons are forced through a circuit, generating an electric current and excess heat.  At the cathode, the protons, electrons, and oxygen combine to produce water molecules.
Due to their high efficiency, fuel cells are very clean, with their only by-products being electricity, excess heat, and water.  In addition, as fuel cells do not have any moving parts, they operate near-silently.

Extract hydrogen from water via an electric current.  Electrolysis is the technical name for using electricity to split water into its constituent elements, hydrogen and oxygen. The splitting of water is accomplished by passing an electric current through water. The electricity enters the water at the cathode, a negatively charged terminal, passes through the water and exists via the anode, the positively charged terminal. The hydrogen is collected at the cathode and the oxygen is collected at the anode. Electrolysis produces very pure hydrogen from water.

Electrolysis is very expensive. The electrical inputs required to split the water into hydrogen and oxygen account for about 80% of the cost of hydrogen generation. Potentially, electrolysis, when coupled with a renewable energy source, can provide a completely clean and renewable source of energy. So there would need to be a windfarm next to the ocean to produce the electricity to remove the hydrogen from the water.

[Source: https://www.energy.gov/eere/fuelcells/hydrogen-production-electrolysis]

Economically hydrogen is similar to petroleum. There is the plan for a hydrogen highway from Port Headland to Bunbury through the State Government with three companies.

A vehicle can add more fuel cells for more power for a larger vehicle with each fuel cell producing 240 kilowatts per cell.

Chageover Dinner Photos
By Doug Worthington

Glenda as master of ceremonies

Incoming President Allan

Girrawheen Senior High School represenattives past and current

Congratulations to Greg Hunter

Outgoing President Greg was awarded Rotary’s highest honour, Paul Harris Fellow, Greg is holding the medal.

Congratulations to Russel Miln 

Russel from Girrawheen Senior High School  was awarded Rotary’s highest honour, Paul Harris Fellow, Russle with District Governor Graham.

Congratulations to Robin Ardnt on 50 years of Rotary membership being recognised with a Club Life Membership


Next Club Meeting:
Thursday 18 July 7am for 7.30am start at
Antico Caffe 
3/81 Royal St,
East Perth
Jul 18, 2019
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Jul 25, 2019
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Aug 01, 2019
Indigenous Tourism in Western Australia
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Month of July Theme

Changeover Month-New Leadership

Welcome to the new Board of the Rotary Club of Heirisson.

Don Burnside (Club Service), Bronwyn Denman (Treasurer),
Rod Slater (International), Claudia Pierazzoli (Youth)
Picture Doug Worthington

Missing from the Photo are:
Allan McLean (Treasurer),
Ken Mullin (Community),
Ross Jones (Secretary).

Tontine Won!
It was down to the Penultimate card!

Congratulations to Vicky Hunter on wining the Tontine at the Chageover Evening.
Meeting Responsibilities
Roster for 18 July 2019
Setup / pack away
Jessy, Narinder
Nolan, Richard
Roster with 25 July 2019
Set up / pack away
Crossland, Jim
Mullin, Ken
Roster for 1 August 2019
Set up / pack away
Walker, Justin
Worthington, Doug
Roster for 8 August 2019
Set up / pack away
Webb, Sheridan
Dawson, Janelle
Roster for 15 August 2019
Set up / pack away
Smith, Warwick
Burnside, Don
Roster for 22 August 2019
Set up / pack away
Fletcher, Rick
Pierazzoli, Claudia
Roster for 29 August 2019
Set up / pack away
McCappin, Chris
Fletcher, Debbie
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Allan McLean
August 5
Ken Mullin
August 14
Spouse Birthdays
Debbie Fletcher
July 1
Sapna Jessy
July 1
Join Date
Robin Arndt
August 1, 1969
50 years
Claudia Pierazzoli
August 17, 2017
2 years

Women In Rotary

From Warwick:
As mentioned Thursday, given Heirisson was the first mixed gender club chartered in WA etc (and our 25+ year commitment to science education via NYSF), it would be good if we had a strong presence.
Attadale also supported the recent Homeless Healthcare car kit for Fremantle, and could be an ally in future initiatives.
It’s also a chance for newer members to see a wider Rotary.
To celebrate 30 years of Women in Rotary, the Rotary Club of Attadale is holding a special meeting where the guest speaker will be Prof Lyn Beazley speaking on the contribution Women have made to Science. 

The meeting is to be held at Tompkins on Swan, Alfred Cove 
on Monday July 29 at 6:00 PM for a 6:30 start. 

Dinner is available at $26 pp with drinks at bar prices

To book 
Rotary Quotes
2003-04 Jonathan B. Majiyagbe (general law practice), Rotary Club of Kano,
Rotary vision: That Rotarians would reach out in fellowship and service to Lend a Hand wherever it is needed.
“Whether we are reaching out to those in our own clubs, or reaching halfway across the world, personal involvement has always been fundamental to Rotarian service. When we Lend a Hand, we focus on this personal involvement and we celebrate our shared humanity. Working together, ready and willing to help our brothers and sisters in need, one hand can become many and there is no limit to what the helping hands of Rotary can accomplish.”
— 2003 International Assembly, Anaheim, California, USA


ClubRunner Mobile
  Committee Meetings    
Board Every 3rd Tuesday Board Member homes in Mount Lawley 6pm
Club Service To be announced To be advised 6pm
Community (Homelessness) Every 1st Wednesday 21 Wittenoom St., East Perth 6pm