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From President Don:
Last Thursday, Ken Mullin delivered Part 2 of his presentation on ‘Genetics and Heredity’
Picking up where he left off previously, he delved a bit deeper in the nature of dominant and recessive genes, with examples including hair colour, eye colour, and the ability to curve one’s tongue etc.  He stressed that the process of sexual reproduction generates diversity in the gene pool in plants and animals which is important in allowing organisms to combat diseases and genetic faults.  He illustrated the latter with the example of the branch of the Hapsburg family who ruled Spain for several centuries.  Constant in-breeding led to poor health and genetic weaknesses in the family, culminating in the rather pathetic figure of Charles II who reigned 1661-1700 (pictured here).  He was in poor health and failed to produce any offspring.  The family fizzled out with his death.
Ken also talked about how mutations can affect history, citing the case of Queen Victoria who as the result of a mutation passed the gene for haemophilia – via marriages of her 6 daughters - to many of the European royal families.  The most notable carrier was her granddaughter Alix, who married Nicholas II, the last Tsar of Russia.  Their only son Alexis was an haemophiliac, and in desperation, the Empress turned to Rasputin for help.  The resulting chaos and mis-government was a contributor to the Russian Revolution in 1917.  And the rest – as they say – is history.

Feedback from 12 Buckets

This program, which we have supported financially, mentors children at risk through the primary school years, and has a high success rate.  One of the students – Djidda Manning - won a scholarship to Guildford Grammar School and we assisted by contributing $500 towards his needs for books and uniforms.  Nicki Mckenzie, CEO of 12 Buckets has passed on the following from Djidda.
My first week of school has been a smooth transition from primary school over to high school. I have been enthusiastic about attending each day. I met a lot of friendly people on the first day and have gotten used to the size of GGS.  Having the financial support of the rotary club and 12 buckets has been of massive help to me because I have been able to participate in all of my activities and classes in my schedule without being held back and made me prepared. It has taken away a lot of stress by giving me a good start. It has made my more confident in my schooling by letting my focus on my work in and out of class and my sport without having to worry about prices for uniforms. It has allowed me to keep my mentoring with Annie which has given me a sense of calm knowing that Annie will be able to help me in High School. Once again i would like to thank 12 buckets and the rotary club for all their help. I look forward to continuing the high school with 12 buckets by my side.
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