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From Treasurer Don,
There has been quite a lot going on in the lives of the Heirisson team lately, but please read on …
Changeover Dinner, Friday 21 July
The Changeover Dinner in the Albany Room at the Victoria Park Hotel on 21 July was fantastic.  The 60s costumes were memorable, the signage and decoration were great and food and drink very enjoyable.  Everyone was in a very good mood, and Sheridan and Bob thoroughly deserved their best dressed awards.  Jim and Don were very surprised and gratified to receive Paul Harris Fellowships and Bronwyn reported on a very successful recent year.  She announced the membership of the 2023-2024 Board of Heirisson Rotary Club, which looks very much like the previous year’s Board!  It was a most enjoyable evening, and thanks to all members and guests for attending.
Arrival of Emilia (Emi) Navarria from Italy – 26 July
Bronwyn, Jacqueline, Bev and Don were at the airport along with untold other Rotary members to greet inbound exchange students, including our very own Emilia (Emi) Navarria.  After suitable celebrations, Don and Bev brought Emi home, and after a lot of huffing and puffing managed to get her very heavy luggage upstairs into her bedroom.   Jacqueline spent two days showing Emi around and organising phone and bank details, and she has now been involved in her first Rotary activity helping Jim, Ken and Don take the Eye Contact Exhibition to the City of Canning.  She is currently settling into school, and has been to her first AFL match with Bev, to see the Dockers narrowly lose to Brisbane (photo)  Now, we just have to break out the vegemite ..
Delivery of Eye Contact to the City of Canning
We have a busy program of Eye Contact showings in August, which commenced when the exhibition was bumped into the City of Canning’s library at Riverton on 3 August.  The trailer and its cover make transport very easy indeed, thanks to Jim’s planning.  From there it will be going to the Kingsley Anglican Church for a week and then from there to Kolbe Catholic College.
Pastor Dee Stepanoski, Street Chaplains, Guest Speaker, 2 August.
Dee Stepanoski gave us a very sobering presentation on life on the Perth streets after dark, which is when the Street Chaplains work so hard to help and support homeless people and those affected by drugs and excessive alcohol.  Dee pointed out that the Street Chaplains, supported by their faith and intensive training save people’s lives and are on the streets between 11 pm and 3 pm when no one else is there.  They do not receive any government funding, and Dee said they are very grateful for the assistance provided by Heirisson in the form of socks and a contribution towards a defibrillator.  She was critical of some of the local governments who provide no assistance, but simply want to just move the homeless on. 
Classic Cars and Coffee, UWA 6 August
Jim, Jacqueline and Warwick fronted up early on Sunday morning, 6 August for food selling at Classic Cars and Coffee at UWA.  The crowd was huge, and was such that all food stocks were sold out before 10.00 am, despite Justin having increased the order by 10 per cent.  Well done.  Emi and Don turned up at a leisurely hour to provide support and encouragement, just in time to see the food sellers depart.  However, Emi was able to take photos of some cars to sent to her father, who appreciates these things.
Next meeting – Wednesday 16 August.  Guest Speaker Jacqueline Baril
Our next meeting will feature Jacqueline talking to us about her ‘life and times’, which is sure to be interesting.  We are looking forward to it.
Next Club Meeting  August 16th at Perth & Tattersalls Bowling Club 2 Plain St., East Perth. 6pm for Dinner/Drinks, 7pm for meeting. See y'all there! 
Aug 16, 2023 7:00 PM
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Sep 06, 2023 7:00 PM
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