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19 December Quest Speaker James Shoebridge Outbound Rotary international Student to Poland

Quest Speaker James with president Allan
Photo by Editor
James is 15 years old and leaves for Poland in mid-January and Lauren returns from Brazil. James’ father is a geologist and his mother is a mining engineer.
James found out about Rotary International Student Exchange through seeing an advertisement in a newspaper.
James’ interest include: reading, sports, music, short films, rowing, history, geography, economics, politics, and wall climbing in a gym. James also does regular winter skiing in Montreal and is up to double black stage.
The double black diamond is the symbol used to designate very advanced ski trails. Its level of difficulty is rated as expert. Only very advanced skiers should consider trying it. Double black diamond trails are very challenging. Their slopes are exceptionally steep, and are coupled with other hazards such as drop-offs, strong exposure to winds, narrow terrain (such as tight rock walls), and other difficult conditions. Typically, a double black diamond run is rated as more than the 40 percent steep grade of the average black diamond ski slope, the ski level before it. This makes the double black diamond slope very steep and difficult to tackle. [Source: https://www.trails.com/facts_19849_double-black-diamond-ski-definition.html]
Another interest James has is that of building and using a forge made with friend. Aluminium cans are collected by the two friends then melted in the forge between 600 to 1000 degrees.
James brought a long a knife made from the forged melted metal and admitted that it doesn’t look great and has no practical use, but an enjoyable hobby none the less.
James attended a Montessori Primary School. At Shenton College James is a GATE student (Gifted and Talented Education). James learn German in preparation to be a RIS only to decide upon Poland. James describes learning Polish as an adventure, it is a difficult language.
In Poland James will be based in the eastern industrial city of Chelm which is only 25 kilometres from the Ukraine border with a population of 64,000. Chelm features numerous notable historical monuments and tourist attractions in the Old Town.
Chelm is either a Proto-Slavic or Celtic word "cholm", meaning a hill in the sense of a fortified settlement. The town is rich in history which will interest James. [Source: https://en.wikipedia.org

Outbound Rotary International Student Lauren Wolters' 
Post 31 December 2019

Finishing up my posts of big trip almost a month late but just before the new year comes around.
After more bus time, we eventually found ourselves in Salvador; one of the cities I was most excited to visit. Despite the pouring rain and consequencial detours throughout the day, we finally got our city tour.

After a short stay in Salvador, we embarked on another flight and bus trip to Jericoacoara. We were greeted with no rain, only sunshine and bright blue skies, visiting the many sites Jeri has to offer. The three days in Jeri passed way to fast and we moved onto Cumbuco, relaxing by the pool and beach while watching some amazing sunsets.

With the trip winding up, we hit our last city; Fortaleza with a city tour during the day and some final fun at night, watching a Christmas presentation in the city square.

Soon enough we embarked on our final two flights, winding up in Bauru and saying goodbyes to the exchange students, some of which I won’t see again before I leave Brazil, with plenty of tears and blubbering.
From Lauren's Facebook

Community Award at Girrawheen Clontarf Foundation Awards 5 December 2019
with President Allan McLean.


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When you join a Rotary club, your potential to make a difference in the world grows exponentially. That’s because you’re joining a network of over 1.2 million people who take action — volunteers from all over the world who share a goal of improving others’ quality of life.
In fact, the top two reasons people join Rotary are to connect with and give back to their communities.
These are the same reasons members stay in Rotary year after year. But simply joining isn’t going to change lives or make those connections. That happens when you get involved. You’ll shape your own experience and decide how to get the most out of your membership.
This short guide is full of ways you can get involved in Rotary to connect with your club, your community, and the world.
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This is the month for us to consider how our Rotary values – and our own actions – influence public perceptions of Rotary. Rotary’s strategic plan outlines five core values that define and guide us as we chart a course into our second century of service.

Service is our first value, as it should be. The focus of service is reflected in our primary motto, Service Above Self. We have the potential to create better, safer, and healthier communities, one project at a time.

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Integrity is fundamental to the organization’s identity. Every Rotarian is a guardian of the reputation that generations of Rotarians have worked to build. When we maintain the highest ethical standards in all of our dealings, we strengthen the trust that allows us to serve more effectively.

Leadership, the fifth, and final, core vale. Each of us must remember, with our every action, that we are Rotarians. When we are chosen to become Rotarians, and when we choose to accept that honor, we take it upon ourselves to become representatives of the entire organization.

When we are known as Rotarians, then everything we do reflects upon us all. By living by our core values and committing to Service Above Self, we build a stronger Rotary and a better world for all.

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