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5 March Quest Speaker 
John Stockbridge National Director and Communications Manager at Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd (RAWCS)

Quest Speaker John Stockbridge
with President Allan
Photo by Editor
RAWCS is a company limited by guarantee, with currently 21 district governors as shareholders in Australia and this will change on July 1 to 14 District governors.
RAWCS is the funding of projects such as: Rotary against Malaria, as it the Manager of funds, tracks and audited funds through CBA who charge only.6% as against the usual 2%.
Three tax deductible funds for 387 overseas projects delivering humanitarian aid in 103 countries.
There is an Overseas Aid Fund, a Benevolent Society for compassionate grants to Australia in need, funded by $1 million from Dick Smith, to people who are not receiving a federal or state government grant and with the grant matched dollar for dollar by the local nominating Rotary CLub.
Thirdly there is an Australia Relief Fund major appeals disbursing to aid projects. Drought Fund commenced at end of Dec and now has $900,000 from international and individuals, for Rotary as a second level responder (Red Cross first responder in emergency).
RAWCS aims at: Philanthropic organisations and government funding, at Compassionate grants, at Major Relief Appears like the Bush fire or Drought Relief.
Drought relief ($10.5m through the Channel 9 appeal) had local Rotary Clubs distributed, $3,000 cards from Rotary which then had the farmers spend that money in their local community.
Drought Community Support, $6.65 million from the Australian Government to distribute, and RAWCS used 2 people at 2.5%, compared to St Vinney’s who were given the same amount from the government and who used 25 people at 25% also Red Cross were at 25%.
RAWCS is currently negotiating for another $5 million from the federal government. The grant money was distributed through local rotary clubs on a one page application form, compared to St Vinnies’ 12 page form.
Facebook is the best media at the moment for RAWCS, 347,000 views on bush fires. There is one national site to which the state editors contribute.
Total Charitable giving in Australia in 2015-2016 was 14.9 million from individuals and 12.5 billion from government.
There are over 3,000 Trusts and Foundations who must have a minimum of 5 million dollars in each Trust or Foundation and for, tax deduction, they must spend 10% in donations each year, hence these Ancillary Funds in 2016 meant that $450 million was donated.
Business in 2015-2016 contributed $17.5 billion in charitable donations.
RAWCS is looking at building a client relationship management system for people in charge of these Foundations.
So far no RAWCS Funds available through the Compassionate Grants has been distributed in WA.

March is Water & Sanitation Month

Rotary supports local solutions to bring clean water, sanitation, and hygiene to more people every day. We don’t just build wells and walk away. We share our expertise with community leaders and educators to make sure our projects succeed long-term.

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education are basic necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life.

When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly, and mothers can spend less time carrying water and more time helping their families.


Through water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs, Rotary’s people of action mobilize resources, form partnerships, and invest in infrastructure and training that yield long-term change.


All 24 of Lebanon’s Rotary clubs came together — overcoming religious, cultural, and political divisions — to form partnerships with the government, World Vision, UNICEF, and the Red Cross. Together the groups developed a program that delivers clean water to every public school in the country.


Rotary clubs partnered with local organizations to install a rainwater harvesting and distribution center for 4,000 people in Madan, India. They also delivered training programs for women in the community and students in 35 schools.


Rotary clubs and partners built 222 toilets, six rainwater collectors, seven communal handwashing stations, and 20 biosand filters. The project provided more than 1,000 people with access to proper toilet facilities and almost 600 people with a regular supply of clean water.


Rotary clubs in Guatemala improved conditions for as many as 1,793 children in 10 schools in the town of Escuintla by providing toilets, washing stations, water tanks, and training.


A dozen Rotary clubs collaborated with local partners to establish a water supply and delivery system for 1,500 people in the village of Kigogo, Tanzania. They also taught the community how to maintain the systems and provided hygiene education.


Rotary clubs and partners built 222 toilets, six rainwater collectors, seven communal handwashing stations, and 20 biosand filters. The project provided more than 1,000 people with access to proper toilet facilities and almost 600 people with a regular supply of clean water.


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