Heirisson Happenings?

Glenda Hickey "New Member Introduction"

Guest Speaker: Glenda Hickey
Photo: Doug Worthington
Glenda Hickey commenced by acknowledging the local first nation people, Whadjuk Noongar, with their elders past and present. Reflecting that for the many who are not able to celebrate on Australia Day being first people nation people. Glenda asked the profound question of whether the 1788 terra nullis of Australia declared by Captain James Cook would pass Rotary's Four Way Test? (1. Is it the TRUTH? 2. Is it FAIR to all concerned? 3. Will it build GOODWILL and BETTER FRIENDSHIPS? 4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned?)

Glenda shared her reflections on how she had picked up the core value of "substance." Of being a person of substance through contributing to others as her father did through a life of community service: in the Denmark Football Club, the local fire and ambulance services, and the Lion's Club and the Masonic lodge. The values that Glenda has received and seeks to enact of: loyalty, service, hard work, to get in do it. Glenda demonstrated those values in her tireless work at the Australia Day sausage sizzle.

Glenda shared her love of Denmark town where she grew up and how Tim Winton's book "Breath" and made into a movie conveys through expression the Denmark town she grew up in.

Glenda then shared some of her background. Coming to Perth after completing school to enrol at what then WAIT and now is Curtain University, in a Bachelor of Social Science Welfare.  Glenda left university as she felt that she needed more life experience and life skills and worked at the local Supavalue store.  Then had ten years at the Commonwealth Bank to understand who she was as a person. For at that time the Banking world was into "value adding" products. Instead of selling products to the clients Glenda found herself with a social work role attitude towards the clients.
Glenda left Bank after the birth of her second child. Post natal depression led to personal reflection. Glenda completed a degree in counseling with part time work in parenting.
Then came a job in mental health with the Department of Child Protection leading a team. Complementing this was Glenda's works of arts in making costumes for performing arts for her children.

Glenda came to the point where she reflected that it was time to cease being a manager of a team in mental health by taking a redundancy. Two months was spent overseas as Glenda was now single for the first time in twenty five years. 
Glenda undertook the Pilgrimage of St James Compostela in Spain. Glenda then celebrated her fiftieth birthday in Central Park New York.
Arriving home Glenda found the best opportunity for community service at Ruah. Able to be apart of the top level of what is happening in community service.
Glenda now has a role at Uniting Care West.

Glenda's  values are at the forefront of all that she does: her sense of justice, of service to others, of community, and hard work. To be a person of substance.

Australia Day Sausage Sizzle

Great effort by the club and wonderful planning and oversight by Allan. A big thank you to all who made this a fantastic club event. A big thank you to volunteers and friends who helped out Heirisson Rotary Club, like Elizabeth Keys Rotary Club.
Please enjoy Doug Worthington's artistic photography of this event.

A Message From Lauren In Brazil

Photo of Lauren by Doug Worthington
Hi Warwick! I’m enjoying Brazil very much so far! Very different from Australia but very interesting. I have been to Rotary meetings the past three nights, each night to a different club in Assis. I introduced myself in Portuguese at the first two meetings ... very nerve wrecking. While I can’t understand much of what is said at the meetings, I am still enjoying attending
I’ll keep you and the club updated.

Rotary Quote

1982-83 Hiroji Mukasa (neuro-psychiatry), Rotary Club of Nakatsu, Oita, Japan.
Rotary vision: To recognize that Humankind Is One — Build Bridges of Friendship Around the World.
“Working to find peace in the world is a family problem. It is not too big a problem to deal with if we realize that we are all from the same family.”
— Building Bridges of Friendship in the Community, THE ROTARIAN, August 1982

Another Outbound Student

Richard and Rosalie's granddaughter Emily Grima, sponsored by the Rotary Club of Batavia Coast. Emily is now in France.

Photo supplied by Warwick Smith.

A Glimpse of Future Cartoons

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Managment of Health of Soils

Introduction by Don Burnside

Feb 07, 2019
The Global Market
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This month's Focused Theme

Rotary Focus for the month of January 2019
Vocational Service Month

By including men and women from diverse professions and
backgrounds, Rotary recognizes the importance of all skills and occupations. A vibrant Rotary club reflects the businesses, organizations, and professions in its community, embracing diversity in experiences and perspectives. Your professional life and vocational service go together. Rotarians have a dual responsibility: to represent their occupations within their club and to exemplify the ideals of
Rotary in their places of work.

The name “Rotary” came from the practice of rotating meeting sites among members’ places of business.
That tradition remains an excellent way for Rotarians to share their occupations with their club. Invite each member of your club to briefly share about his or her profession, an area of specialty, or a particular skill set during club meetings throughout the year.
Join a Rotarian Action Group, and support service projects around the world. These independent groups include Rotarians,
family members, and Rotary program participants and alumni who have expertise in a particular field. Members advise clubs and districts and collaborate with them on service projects. Learn more at rotary.org/actiongroups.

Join or form a Rotary Fellowship that’s related to your vocation. Rotary Fellowships are international groups of Rotarians, family members, and program participants and alumni who share a vocational or recreational interest. Many fellowships are related to professions, such as Editors and Publishers, Health Professionals, Lawyers, Photographers, and Police and Law Enforcement.
See more at rotary.org/fellowships.

Volunteer to work on a service project, and use your
vocational skills to serve others.
Think about the skills that make you successful in your profession: Maybe you have training in some branch of science or medicine, are handy with tools or machinery, know how to start a business, have expertise managing finances, or
can influence others through public speaking or writing. Use your unique set of talents to make a difference in your community.

Share your expertise through your district resource
If you have technical expertise in one of Rotary’s six areas of focus — or with project
planning and implementation; community assessment, measurement, and evaluation; or other important aspects of large-scale project grants — let your district international service chair know. Lend your skills to local clubs, and help develop projects with greater impact.

Participate in a vocation-related Rotary Friendship Exchange. Work with your district Rotary Friendship Exchange chair to organize an international, reciprocal exchange between two districts
interested in exploring a professional field in a new cultural context. Involve young professionals, and organize activities allowing exchange participants to experience cultural immersion while exploring their field in a new environment.
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Josh Redman Arrives Home After a Year in Belgium of Student Exchange

Josh with Joanne Bowen RYE Chair and other Rebound Students.
Photo supplied by Warwick Smith
Josh with Parents Susan and Ron Saulsman.
Photo supplied by Warwick Smith
Hello Everyone! My final report…. That means it’s really finished.
 I’m writing this on the plane and I wasn’t sure what I was exactly going to write until now. 
I can start off by saying thank you for giving me this opportunity to live one of the best years of my life. I’ve done things that I have never imagined before and your club and Rotary in general have been the only reason that I have been able to live it all.
I’ve lived the coldest Christmas in life and honestly didn’t want to leave my bed for anything haha. I passed 3 different Christmas celebrations with my family and really enjoyed it because in Australia my parents are usually working on Christmas so it was a beautiful experience.
New Years was passed with my friends in liege and I watched the fireworks in my city and went back with all my friends to one of their house and had a small party with family and friends. I felt extremely weird passing a new years with people that aren’t my family and normal friends and bringing the new year in speaking another language as well! 
The last few weeks of my exchange consisted of me running around like a headless chook say goodbye to all my friends and families and was some of the saddest time I had during my exchange honestly. 
The airport was the hardest thing I had to do. Saying goodbye to my family and friends was heart wrenching and although throughout my exchange I had been preparing myself for this day, I wasn’t ready. I cried like I never had before and just wanted to miss my flight.
Now that I’m on my flight, I’m so excited to get home to see my family and friends and begin my life down in Perth studying at Notre-Dame this year. I’m telling myself that although my year is finished, my heart will always be in Belgium and I will never forget the experiences that I’ve had and the friends and families I’ve made.
Look forward to sharing more with you all when I settle down in Perth and present my year to you all.
I hope all of you are well and have started your New Year with a bang.
A couple of my favourite memories below 
Kind Regards,
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