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Last Week's Guest Speaker:

Andrew Zint,"My Stint in China"

Guest Speaker Andrew Zint
Picture Doug Worthington
Dr Andrew Zint PhD MComLaw BSc
Andrew’s PhD is in cross-cultural business negotiations between Aboriginal people and business people in Australia. 
He’s currently employed as a “Foreign Expert” at Nanjing University of Information Science and Technology, teaching Academic English, and previously:
  • Academic at ECU and Curtin University 2008-2018, and specialist indigenous tutor at ECU and Curtin University
  • Leader on the Curtin MBA China Tour in 2017 for a group of MBA students
  • Spent some time as a cross-cultural consultant after completing his PhD, and was a consultant on the Browse Project Indigenous Affairs Team, engaged in the academic exchange of students from Tokyo University who attended ECU for a semester of cultural immersions, and conducted cross cultural training for a variety of organisations
  • Legal Aid as an advocate between 1999-2008 
Andrew was a Heirisson Rotary member for seven years between 2008-2015.
His previous community service includes Rotary, Apex, Men of the Trees, Neighbourhood Watch, and trainer at the Womens Self Defence Training at Curtin University Shorinji Kempo Club. He’s still training in the martial arts in China.
Andrew’s Chinese name is DaLong 大隆, which is 'Big Dragon' in English and is an auspicious name (which comes from a love of martial arts and he was named after "Little Dragon" Bruce Lee).
He gave a little taste of China!
(Thanks to Warwick Smith for this background on Andrew Zint)

Andrew's Presentation



Diverse and complex country.

Greatest temperature contrast between its northern and southern borders of any country, which gives rise to a vast number of plant and animal species.

It has 50000 rivers! Earthquakes! Hurricanes!

Single defining characteristic is the size of its population.

Many ethnic groups and spoken languages.

Written language is the linguistic commonality.

China has a recorded history of approximately 5000 years and may extend further.

The history of China is significant and complex.

Main philosophical schools of thought, Confucianism, Daoism, Buddhism.

GDP $14 trillion number 2 economy

PPP $27 trillion number 1 economy

2017 WIPO – overall number of filings

  China 1,381,594

  US 606,956

China accounts for 25% of net increase in green area from 2000-2016

One company has sponsored the planting of 100 million trees Alipay Ant Forest

In 2010 a 2400 year old pot of soup was found in Xi’an!

China has only one official time zone

Soccer may have started in China 1000BC

Beware the China expert! You can only have expertise in some small area with regard to China.

Unlocking the door is difficult.
Mandarin is the language of China. 汉语,中文,普通话,语文
Oldest known written language in the world at around 4000-5000 years.
It is the official language in several other countries in Asia.
Is an official language of the 6 UN languages
You need to know about 3000 characters for daily use.
English is a required course in China, and has great popularity, and is why I am in China now.
There are more speakers of English in China than there are English speakers.
Mandarin is the most spoken first language in the world/English is the most spoken second language in the world.
China’s formal education system is the oldest in the world.
Language is a currency for trust respect understanding and the ability to explore the beauty of diverse cultures traditions and historical perspectives.
2200 hours to learn Mandarin/600 hours to learn German.
A recent report suggested that only 130 Australians of non Chinese heritage were fluent in Mandarin!
I’m not one of them!
Theo Stapleton from Perth came number 2 in the world in a recent Mandarin speaking competition.

Four great inventions are paper making, compass, gunpowder, printing.

130AD Zhang Heng invented the first instrument for monitoring earthquakes and the direction of the earthquake, and China has now invented a modern form of earhtquake detection which was recently responsible for saving many lives due to the warning that was given to local people who were about to be affected by the earthquake.

China used the decimal system 2000 years ago and the first to use a zero.


New China.                      Old China.

               Next to each other.

Multiple paradoxes.

29000km of high speed rail, accounting for 66% of worlds high speed rail network.

The simple but profound aspect of this is the rail, it requires surviving high summer temperature and freezing winter cold.

Despite being the world’s second largest and home to the most billionaires it is categorised as a developing country, which provides some special privileges.

1.Cannot look at individual statistics because of the complexity of China.
2.No agreed definition of developing status.
3.City versus country living.
4.GDP per capita is still low.
5.WTO issue for determination re status, but US has blocked appointment and reappointment of Judges, now down to 4 judges and 3 judges are needed for each case.

Part of my journey is discovering martial arts.

Part of my journey is discovering the tea culture.

WeChat everyone in China does everything on this app. 


Harmony above all else.

Harmony is to be prized.

Harmony is to be valued.

The most cherished ideal in Chinese culture, and more specifically, in Confucianism.

Harmony is of paramount importance in Chinese culture to such a degree that it is viewed as the cardinal cultural value in Chinese society.

The core of the movement is to reduce social conflicts and to build balance across social classes. As Oort (1960) notes, governmental policy can have a tremendous influence on people’s attitudes. Given this consideration, the value of harmony will continue to receive increase attention in almost every aspect of Chinese social life. Under such circumstances, it is necessary for a person who wants to interact with the Chinese to acquire the essence of harmony.

As the cardinal cultural value in Chinese society, the Confucian harmony presupposes the coexistence of different things and implies a certain favorable relationship among them. In social interaction, Confucianism puts weight on “harmony but not sameness”, “harmony without mindlessly following others” and “harmonization of various kinds of people by observing rituals of propriety”, under the influence of which Chinese interpersonal relationships are characterized by emphasis on group orientation, the Doctrine of the Mean, giving or making face for others, guanxi (social connections), and reciprocity.

Lotus is a symbol of purity because it rises out of the mud.

Lotus blossoms often depicted at the throne of Buddha.

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Youth Protection and Insurance Workshop August 4

It is important that all clubs attend this very important workshop, we ask that you send at least one representative, what will we discuss during this workshop:

  • Update on the latest Rotary protection policies and WHY do we have these policies
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Country Clubs can join us online via ZOOM

Support Australian Rotary Health by Breakfast with Michael Cheika – the Coach of the Wallabies Australian Rugby Union team.

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The Wallabies are here to play the first ever Bledisloe Cup Rugby Union Test Match against the New Zealand All Blacks held in Perth. Michael has a very special Q&A breakfast presentation format, and the Master of Ceremonies for the event will be Trevor Jenkins – a well renowned Sports commentator and compere. This special event is hosted by City Rotary at the Hyatt Hotel on the 7th August – 7.00am for a 7.15am start – finishing at 8.30am.
The cost is $ 85 for Rotary Members and $ 95 for non-Rotarians. The profits from this breakfast will be donated to Australian Rotary Health to help fund much needed Research in Mental Health and Mental Wellness, as well as City Rotary’s Youth programs. Register now so that you don’t miss this special occasion.
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