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From President Don;
Hello Everyone :)
Last week, it was a great pleasure and privilege to have Dr. David Castillo speak to us again on the subject of earthquakes, volcanoes and other such matters:
This time giving us a detailed overview of what happened when the huge Tongan explosion occurred in January 2022 – see photo below.

  His presentation featured some terrific videos, showing how the explosion originally began underwater, before sending 10 cubic km of material and dust 58 km into the air, and an ash cloud half the size of France, causing enormous damage to nearby Tonga the shock waves and tsunami.  An image of the explosion taken from space is shown attached.  David described it as being if the subterranean pressures built up to such an extent that the earth then just did a ‘big burp’.  Another video showed how the pressure waves in the atmosphere moved right across the whole planet, and then back again causing a resonance in the ocean surfaces resulting in a small Tsunami in all the world’s oceans!  This explosion was compared to the Krakatoa explosion which occurred in 1883, with similarly disastrous results. 
David will definitely be invited back if such unfortunate events occur in the future – which David said will surely happen.
Anzac Day Gunfire Breakfast
Thanks to everyone who volunteered for the Gunfire Breakfast – 13 in all which is a great roll-up.  It was all pretty fast and furious, as we got ourselves organised starting at 6.00 am in the early morning gloom, before the guests arrived from 7.00 am onwards.  All Heirisson members were involved in the cooking and serving, supported by members of Perth Rotary Club, and some other willing helpers who we gathered had been ‘volunteered’ by team leader Wesley Sim from Perth Rotary Club.  There were no dramas except when someone – who will remain nameless – attempted to set fire to the table cloth 😊.  All the guests were very appreciative as they munched on bacon and egg burgers, or sausages in buns, and donated money for Australian Rotary Health. Thank you to all volunteers, and special thanks to non-members Bob Groves and Xavier Taveira-Walker and to our guest Jacqueline Baril – everyone did a great job.  Some ‘action photos’ below.
A new grandson for Rick and Debbie Fletcher!
Congratulations to Rick and Debbie – their new grandson Romeo and a brother for Loxley (aged two has arrived safely, and we also offer our congratulations to the happy parents, and best wishes to Romeo for a long, fulfilling and happy life.  Meanwhile, it is all go up at Hillarys as the proud grandparents swing into action providing all the necessary support! 
Memorial for Doug Worthington
Unfortunately, the Town of Cottesloe has declined our request to locate a Memorial on the Cottesloe foreshore to our much missed late member Doug Worthington.  We will now be going back to Penny Worthington and her family to talk about alternatives.  As members know, we are holding generous donations from past Exchange students in France and also from the Subiaco Rotary Club, which will be used for a memorial when we can identify another acceptable option.
Thanks from the Street Chaplains.
We received the following email from Dee Stepanoski from the Street Chaplains. ‘Thankyou for the boxes of disinfectant wipes, my lovely Admin Rosemary collected them and they’ve been very helpful with wiping down our equipment and friends on the streets. Don I wondered if you would consider allowing us to use your incredible life size prints again this year at our Street Chaplains Annual Gathering?
We are so thankful for our connection with Heirisson Rotary’.   We will indeed be taking ‘Eye Contact’ to their Annual Gathering later this year.
‘Thankyou to Volunteers Picnic’ – Victoria Gardens, East Perth, Sunday 22 May
We have been invited by the East Perth Community Group to assist with their ‘Thankyou to volunteers’ picnic on Sunday 22 May.  This event is being sponsored by the City of Perth, and our role will be provide about 50 lunches to those attending, for which we will be paid $500.  No more details yet, but Pres Don will be meeting with EPCG Treasurer Lesley Warren to discuss in the coming week.  If you are interested in helping out at what will be a low stress, enjoyable event, please note the date in your diary.
‘Save the Date’ – Heirisson Changeover Dinner – Quinneys Room, Gloucester Park, 6.30 pm, Saturday 9 July 2022.
As in last year’s event, our annual Changeover Dinner will be held in Quinneys Room. Can you please note the date in your diary.  As well as all members and partners, we are inviting our incoming District Governor Ineke Oliver and Assistant Governor Jane O’Leary and some of our generous supporters.  Sometime between now and then President Don, and President Elect Bronwyn will be determining a theme and format – but no pressure!  Meanwhile, please put the date in your diary, come along and enjoy the evening.
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Apr 28, 2022
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