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Dr Lisa Martin
"Fiona Wood Foundation"

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Dr Lisa Martin with Robin Arndt who introduced Lisa
Photograph by Doug Worthington
Dr Lisa Martin is employed by the Fiona Wood Foundation in the research area in burns and burns recovery. Lisa's background is as a nurse. Lisa undertook her PhD studies in the psychology of recovery for adults who had experienced burns. 
Who gets what sort of burns:
Adults activity related and workplace burns.
Children scalds are under 3 yrs are 50% of burns and children under 5 yrs are 75% of burns. Contact burns such as from hot coals in a campfire pit (make sure they are put out with water. Friction burns are treated same as fire burns. 
Jeanne Duke has researched the cardiovascular risk in the first 5 years after burns. 
Twice as likely admitted to infection disease.
Mental health risk higher children burns. Twice. Three times for teenagers.
Note this is for all size burns.

Cell changes, the genes.
Stiffness and scars. Research into the earlier use of laser to treat scaring. 
Inflammation and a treatment of a topical cream being developed.
These are all ways of trying to stop inflammatory path ways.
25% burn produces a 100% inflammatory response for from the damaged cells chemicals including histamine, bradykinin, and prostaglandins are released. These chemicals cause blood vessels to leak fluid into the tissues, causing swelling. Sericon D tablet is used to contain the inflammation release as fluid into tissue brain and nervous system seems to be the issue. 
CABIN is 6 weeks of anti-inflammatory steroids.
Burn influences the body.
The aim is to bring the science to the bedside.
New techniques and technologies that will be better for patients. Holistic care is practiced.



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Dear Don,
I am pleased to advise that Dee Buckland, Assistant Governor and Past President of Rotary Club of Kalamunda, has been confirmed as District Governor Nominee Designate and will serve as  District Governor for 2021-22.
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1995-96 Herbert G. Brown (furniture retailing), Rotary Club of Clearwater, Florida, USA.
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— Address to 1995 President’s Conference on Family Values and Community Service,
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