Heirisson Happenings?

Greg Wallace
"Bodhi Tree Surfboards"

Robin Arndt Introducing Speaker Greg Wallace
Photograph by Doug Worthington
Visit the great Website https://www.bodhitreesurf.com.au/
Greg Wallace came up with the concept of using locally grown paulownia timber as it is the fastest growing tree within 5 to 8 years. It is a tropical tree that has grain markings from the minerals in the Gingin soil.
A 1920s design is used for the spine and ribs frame for the board.
Greg had no woodwork background and learnt on the job and in 4 years perfecting the craft. Greg used as his inspiration Joseph Campbell's saying, "Follow your bliss."
Therapeutic benefits for people who come and craft with their hands, especially for people from a First Responders and military veterans background who come into the workshop.
Greg is receiving referrals from the Department of Defence and Veterans Affairs. Schools like Guildford Grammar School have been involved. 
Greg is moving to a Not for Profits Business model for growth in being able to seek funding. there has already been Soldier On backed by the State Government.

Boards are built from a body board to 10.5 foot paddle board. Boards are built for different charities at cost.
An environmentally sustainable product. A conventional fibre glass board will take a staggering 200,000 years to break down a sit consists of toxins from petrochemicals. hence the desire to a reusable form. the board is fibre glassed at the end.

60 to 80 hours to handcraft. To make a mistake is to create a design feature and it doesn't cost a life.

The therapeutic benefits are about rebuilding yourself. A calming brotherhood.

Other possible therapeutic ventures will be rebuild a motor bike and art for socio-psych-work.

Scars are part of our design feature. I am a builder not a soldier.

Surfing and wood puts you in the present moment.


Narinder Jessy’s daughter, Esha Jessy, who attends and is School Captain of Penrhos College will be participating in a fundraiser on behalf of The Pirate Ship Foundation which raises funds for research into childhood brain cancer and it’s treatment.
To raise funds Esha is taking part in the highest single abseil descent in WA from the QV1 building.
This is a great undertaking and a cause well worth supporting.
Should you wish to support Esha, click the link below;
The Adventurers (The Pirate Ship Foundation Limited)
Brain cancer kills more children than any other disease in Australia. Current treatments and survival rates have not significantly improved or changed in over 30 years. The Adventurers fund medical research to find better treatments and the cure for childhood brain cancer. OUR QUEST THEIR CURE
Thank you on behalf of Esha and Narinder

Surfing Cartoon

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