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Chris McCappin -- My Life and Interests

New member speaker Chris McCappin
Photographed by Doug Worthington
Chris grew up in the Sydney suburb of Fairfield which was an are for new migrants such as  Polish, Greek, Jewish, and Italian.
At university Chris completed his Honours in Physics and his PhD in astrophysics and ice physics in researching the growth condition of clouds.

Chris came to what is now Curtain University to undertake both teaching and research. The research was on the mixing depth for pollutants in the atmosphere which is only 500 meters.

Chris then made the change to the IT business.  Chris still retains a great respect and appreciation for the rigor of the scientific method.

Chris in his years in IT gradually moved from the technical to non technical side of the industry. 
Chris left Perth with his partner to work in Europe in the late 1980s. In Essex Chris worked for an insurance company, and then moved to London and worked in IT as a System Architect.
Europe was an interesting time, especially being at the Brandenburg Gate only six weeks after the Berlin Wall came down. To visit he Auschwtiz camp and due to circumstances having the spend the night there in the hotel situated in the camp.

1990s Chris was back in in Australia. Chris was working as a Consultant in firms offering nontechnical help finding the role of computer software that met the organisation's requirements.
This work required workshops with the clients looking at the organisation's people and processes. This was stressful work which was engaging in new areas for organisations. 

Some of the projects that Chris worked on were: Alcoa's centralized payroll system. Department of Transports licensing system. Trellis program in government.  Fremantle Port's projects such as developing and then training in the dangerous cargo 2007 system which had to include all applicable rules and regulations. BHP expanding new infrastructure. Environmental offsets in public registrar for the department. 
It was all about looking at process and then developing the software then testing that software.

One of Chris' last tasks was to try and develop a big package for a business that did not know what they really wanted.

Chris recommends that organisations look to the existing software packages out there today before trying to tailor their own.
Three years ago Chris entered into his retirement. Chris is thankful for his life, a fortunate life, especially that he has not had to experience war. Chris' parents who from Ireland experienced conflict. Free of that and comfortable here hence Chris has a focus on  community and social justice. Chris has been associated with Community Aid Abroad. Chris ran a local volunteer group that is now Oxfam. Chris is active in CARAD (Coalition for Asylum Seekers Refugees and Detainees) with his involvement being that of organizing volunteers and helping migrants.
Chris currently enjoys travel with his partner Karen. Music and arts, especially chamber and orchestra music. Chris and Karen are Fremantle Dockers members.


Visiting Rotarians Bruce and Heidi Thomas at our 7 March Meeting from the Club of North California.



GSHS will be holing a “Harmony Day” on Thursday 21st March 2019 as part of their commitment to being a vital part of their community.
We have been asked to provide volunteers to supervise parking and man some of the school gates on the day, as well as providing some assistance in packing up.
"More information about the event 2 – 6pm
We will begin at 2pm with an official opening on the oval similar to our school assembly. We have staging and activities so will have music and performances through to approximately 5.45/6pm.
We close at 6pm. We have food trucks and activities planned.”
I will circulate a list over next week or two seeking volunteers. This is a great opportunity to support the school.
Thanks, Allan McLean

Carine Community Fair - Duck Derby sales.

Hi all,
It is with gratitude that I sincerely thank all those that were able to participate in the ticket sales at the community fair.
It was hot; it was hard; but you guys came to the fore.
Thanks to Warwick who coordinated the activity, Greg Hunter and Richard Nolan who turned up to help with the set up, Debbie Fletcher, Chris McCappin; Jim  Crossland &  Don Burnside who all were able, at very short notice, to turn up and get into the ticket sales.
I suggest we made quite an impression, ( with Warwick in his favourite “Duck Suit,” supported by Allan McLean, who also donned a suit for several hours.) and members challenging patrons to purchase tickets in the derby.
We expect “old” members who have done this many times before, to know the ropes and get sales under our belts, but Deb, Chris, Richard and Jim really set the pace ably supported by Greg, Warwick, Don Burnside, Richard Nolan and Allan McLean.
So, the bottom line. On counting the cash box we have $1634.00 approx. in the “tin” meaning after deducting the float, we have made some $1,334.00 ot thereabouts on the day.
A great performance.
My thanks to all involved for their commitment. This is how we will turn this project into a sustainable fundraiser for the club which will allow members to undertake projects that they feel strongly about;- it’s all about our ability to raise the necessary funds.
Great works folks, my sincere thanks and my apology if I have missed our acknowledging anyone.
Allan McLean
Chair,  Board of Girrawheen Senior High School
Chair, NYSF, Rotary D9455
District Vocational Services Co ordinator D9455
Youth Director,  Rotary Club of Heirisson
Next Club Meeting:
Thursday 21 March 7am for 7.30am start at
Antico Caffe 
3/81 Royal St,
East Perth
Mar 21, 2019
"My Life and Interests" New Member Introduction
Mar 28, 2019
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Remember to be Busy Selling Tickets for the Coming Duck Derby


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1990-91 Paulo V.C. Costa (architecture), Rotary Club of Santos, São Paulo, Brazil.
Rotary vision: To bring about a better world, he challenged all Rotarians to Honor Rotary with Faith and Enthusiasm.
“Rotary International’s masterpiece is The Rotary Foundation….It transforms our most daring dreams into the most splendid realities….The Rotary world and even the political world are already aware that The Rotary Foundation is the most generous expression of Rotarian generosity — a generosity that not only brings benefits, but also brings help and cooperation to solve the problems that affect humankind….Only God achieves the impossible, but The Rotary Foundation achieves the best that humankind can possibly achieve.”
— Address to 1996 Rotary Convention, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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