Heirisson Happenings?

Notice of our Annual General Meeting to be held at Crowne Plaza Hotel at 7.30 am on Thursday 5th December 2019 

which will incorporate the nomination of office bearers for 2020-2021, approval of the new standard Rotary Constitution which will apply to the Rotary Club of Heirisson, presentation of the accounts for 2018-2019 and any other business.
Nominations for Office Bearers
Included in the Notice is the nomination for Office Bearers for the 2020-2021 Rotary Year.
All nominations should be lodged with the Secretary by no later than noon on midday Monday 2nd December 2019.
All nominations will be circulated to members prior to the meeting of 5th December 2019.
In the event of more than one nomination for an Office Bearer Role, a secret ballot will be conducted at the AGM.
Changes to the Rotary Club of Heirisson Constitution
Also in the notice are the motions dealing with the changes to the Constitution which are common across all Rotary Clubs.  The specific changes are shown in the notice.
Appointment of a Proxy
Members unable to attend the AGM are invited to appoint a Proxy, (as per the attached Proxy Form,) who may vote on their behalf at the AGM.
If you are unable to attend the AGM on 5 December, please sign the Proxy Form, scan it and send it to the Secretary Ross Jones (rossj6508@gmail.com) before 5 December 2019.
It is anticipated the AGM will only take up a small part of our normal meeting.
Regards, Don
Don Burnside
Club Services, Heirisson Rotary Club
29 Woodsome Street
Mount Lawley WA 6050
E-mail:  don.burnside@iinet.net.au; Phone:  0427 357 982

Outbound Rotary International Student Lauren Wolters

I am currently on a tour of Brazil with rotary so I thought I’d do a quick post before the flood of travel photos begin. All my “last’s” of exchange have already begun as I’ve changed families for the last time, participated in my last trote (dress up day) and even had my last day of school. Lots of emotions are running and I’m constantly being reminded how amazing this year has been and how sad I’ll be to see it end and to say goodbye. I’m very thankful for my Rotary club and all my host families for how they’ve welcomed me for how much they’ve helped me throughout my exchange.
(November 26)
All images are from Lauren's Facebook

Rotary Basic

Paul Harris Fellows

Can a business or organization become a Paul Harris Fellow?
No. Only individuals can become Paul Harris Fellows. However, businesses and organizations can receive a Certificate of Appreciation for contributions of $1,000 or more, or transfers of 1,000 points or more.
Can a deceased person become a Paul Harris Fellow?
Yes. A donor can recognize a deceased individual by requesting a Memorial Paul Harris Fellow designation.
Do Foundation recognition points count toward Major Donor recognition?
No. Only cumulative personal outright contributions count toward Major Donor recognition.
How are Foundation recognition points tracked?
Your club and district leaders can view the online Club Recognition Summary, which includes the recognition amount, tally of recognition points, current Paul Harris Fellow level, and date that level was achieved.
Through your My Rotary account, you can view your personal contribution history, recognition amount, and available Foundation recognition points. You can request a copy of your Donor History Report from the Foundation at rotarysupportcenter@rotary.org.
On the Club Recognition Summary, what is the difference between recognition amount and available Foundation recognition points?
Recognition amount reflects the total Paul Harris Fellow recognition you have accumulated through your personal contributions plus all recognition points you’ve been given by other individuals, clubs, or districts. Recognition points given to you don’t count toward Major Donor recognition. The maximum amount that can be shown on the Club Recognition Summary report is 9,000; the “+” sign indicates that the actual amount exceeds the 9,000-point maximum.
Available Foundation recognition points reflects points you have accumulated through personal outright giving to the Foundation. All points listed can be transferred to other individuals for Paul Harris Fellow recognition.
Can clubs or districts accumulate Foundation recognition points?
Yes. Clubs can view their recognition points in the Club Recognition Summary.
Districts’ Foundation recognition points are shown in the Donor History Report. Districts may request the report at rotarysupportcenter@rotary.org.
How can I use Foundation recognition points to increase giving to the Foundation?
Matching outright contributions with Foundation recognition points may help your club reach or even surpass its Annual Fund goal, as well as achieve 100% Paul Harris Fellow recognition.
To determine whether your club is close to achieving 100% Paul Harris Fellow status, review the recognition amounts of all Rotarians currently listed as active club members in the Club Recognition Summary.
To determine whether you’re close to achieving your Annual Fund goal, review the Monthly Contribution Report.
What recognition opportunities are available with Foundation recognition points?
Paul Harris Fellow
Paul Harris Fellow recognition is extended to any individual who contributes, outright or cumulatively (or in whose name is contributed), $1,000 or more to the Annual Fund or PolioPlus or as sponsorship of a portion of a Foundation grant. The recognition consists of a certificate and pin. In addition, Paul Harris Fellow medallions can be ordered at shop.rotary.org.

Shultz Cartoons

Next Club Meeting:
Thursday 5 December 7am for 7.30am start at
Gusti Restaurant
Crowne Plaza
54 Terrace Road, 
Parking in the Street

Meeting cost is
$15 continental and $20 full breakfast


December is family month. It is a time to focus on our families, to involve them in our Rotary service, and to challenge ourselves to do even more for those in need. Because there are so many families and so many children waiting for our help, we, as Rotarians, cannot look away.

“By involving our family members, we make all of our endeavours more successful and enjoyable. We also address the problem, often cited by younger members, that Rotary competes with family time. Once people realize that they do not have to decide between Rotary and family, they will be more likely to accept our invitations to join.
And just as important, once they do join, they are much more likely to become and remain educated, productive Rotarians.”  Jonathan Majiyagbe, RI President 2003-04 (the first year Family month was recognized on the Rotary calendar)
 “It is important to integrate our own families into the family of Rotary.
Rotary should be something that brings our families together – not a force that pulls them apart.
Rotary clubs and districts can offer diverse service and social activities that appeal to all members. This is critical  if we want to attract younger members, who may have children as well as other demands on their time.” Glenn E. Estess, Sr. - RI President 2004-05   

“But the family of Rotary can be more than a single family unit. It can represent many aspects of the organization.
The  RI  Board is part of the family of Rotary International. So is each district as well as each club.
Each Group Study Exchange team is part of the family of Rotary. So are our Rotaractors and Interactors and our Youth Exchange students studying abroad. Our RI training leaders and all of our committees and resource groups form various parts of the family of Rotary. 
Finally, The Rotary Foundation is a large and important part of our family of  Rotary.” Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammar  - RI President 2005-06   

Source: https://

Meeting Responsibilities
Roster for 5 December 2019
Set up / Pack away
Webb, Sheridan
Crossland, Jim
Roster for 12 December 2019
Set up / Pack away
Fletcher, Rick
Pierazzoli, Claudia
Roster for 19 December 2019
Set up / Pack away
McCappin, Chris
Fletcher, Debbie
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Rosalie Saxby
November 13
Don Burnside
November 20
Rick Fletcher
December 12
Spouse Birthdays
Bev Burnside
November 12
Rick Fletcher
December 12
Robin Arndt
Ann Arndt
December 23
Join Date
Rod Slater
November 24, 2006
13 years

All of the coming events – fund-raising, promotional and social – that are coming up in the next two months.  Can you please list these events in your diaries.

Brass in the Grass 2019 
5.00 to 8.00 pm
11 December

We are collaborating with the East Perth Community Group and will be providing – yes you guessed it – a sausage sizzle.

Perth Homelessness We Care get their annual dinner together which will be held 17th  December

Lindsey Francis seeking assistance with the Perth Homelessness We Care dinner seeking dontations towards the cost of the Turkey,  which comes to $640 required to feed the 350 to 400 homeless as a school has donated the Ham.
I hoped it was a good idea that clubs could chip in a little each. Elizabeth Quay is bumping in the tables  and chairs which have been loaned FoC by Reece, one woman is  making all the rolls by hand , another is going to make Christmas puddings and chocolate puddings despite being on chemotherapy  so I offered before I thought about that some Rotary Clubs would help with the Turkey. If we come in short I will donate the remainder myself, if we come in over in can go towards some more water for them to take away or tins of tuna etc.
RC Matilda Bay
Please donate directly to Lindsey Francis by contacting her via her email.


Web Image
There are many Rotarians and non Rotarians who provide great service to their communities, at a local, national and international level. Rotary International Zone 8 is seeking nominations for their Humanitarian of the Year and Outstanding Rotarian awards, people who have made great contributions to their community. 
  • This annual award recognises a person who, through their actions, is exemplary in his/her leadership, caring, and commitment to the welfare of humanity, either within Zone 8 or globally. 
  • It is to be awarded to a person who inspires others to action, and who selflessly improves and enriches the lives of both individuals, and the greater society.
“OUTSTANDING ROTARIAN” ZONE 8 DIRECTOR’S AWARD - Nominations must be postmarked by 15 March 2020
The Award:
The “Outstanding Rotarian” Zone 8 Director’s Award acknowledges a Rotarian from Zone 8 who is seen to reflect “Service Above Self” to an outstanding degree but has not received the Rotary International “Service Above Self” award.
Please see the attached documents for more information about each award.
Who do you know who could be considered for the Humanitarian of the Year award? This is a great opportunity to get the word out about Rotary, Rotarians and other community members and the work we do. Consider using social media, your community newspaper or community radio to get the word out.
If it's more convenient, please use the nomination form attached to the Humanitarian of the Year award for both awards.
I look forward to receiving your nominations.
Graham Peden
District Governor 2019 - 2020
Past President 2015 - 2016

Rotary Club of Perth
L5, 110 William Street, Perth  WA  6000
Ph: (08) 9322 9446    M: 0427 010 222
E: graham@wwperth.com  W: www.rotaryperth.org.au
ClubRunner Mobile
  Committee Meetings Monthly  
Board Every 3rd Tuesday Board Member homes in Mount Lawley 6.30pm
Club Service Every 2nd Tuesday 29 Woodsome St, Mt Lawley 6.30pm
Community (Homelessness) Every 1st Wednesday 21 Wittenoom St., East Perth 6pm