Heirisson Happenings
Meeting 6 March. 
Guest Speaker Ken Mullin
Our resident polymath, Ken Mullin gave us an excellent talk on ‘Science discoveries in 2023’. 
  • Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT had taken the world by storm, showing the capability of AI to write articulate pieces on any topic.  While AI has been in use for some time, it finally had something that looks like the real deal.
  • 2023: The hottest year on record The impacts of heat are mounting.  Warmer seas and a warmer atmosphere contributed to catastrophic events (floods, fires, cyclones) in 2023 that brought death and destruction at an alarming rate, right across the globe.
  • Ozempic - the Wonder drug A group of drugs known as glucagon-like peptide-1, including Ozempic, which were originally licensed to control diabetes, were now shown to significantly help with weight loss by making people feel full more quickly when eating.  In addition, a 2023 study involving heart disease patients, found that it also reduced the risk of strokes, heart attacks and death from heart disease.
  • Bird decline linked to herbicides and pesticides Over the past 4 decades, the number of birds across Europe dropped by a staggering 550 million – 25%.  The decline is steepest among farmland birds.  Thus far it was believed that the main reasons were habitat loss and pollution, but a research team recently concluded that the principal bird killer was agricultural intensification, or more precisely an increased use of pesticides and fertilisers, which not only deprive birds of food, but also directly affect their health.
  • Girls doing hard maths Two teenage girls from New Orleans presented a new mathematical proof of Pythagoras’s theorem using trigonometry.  They weren’t the first to derive a trigonometry proof, but their “waffle cone” proof using the sine rule and infinite geometric series showed great creativity and mathematical agility.  This proved the naysayers wrong - girls can do “hard maths”.
Meeting 20 March.  Guest Speaker Jacqueline Baril – Hannah House
Jacqueline Baril presented a very interesting talk about Hannah House, which is a support service for people who are looking after someone who has a life-limiting disease or ailment.  The staff provide holistic support, addressing the physical, mental, and social well-being of children, all while emphasising the quality of life and comprehensive support for the entire family.  Their services include: Seamlessly transitioning from hospital to home-based care; offering planned short-term day or overnight respite; expert care for children with complex health needs while they’re at school;  assisting with daily living in alignment with your child’s NDIS Plan; crafting Play Therapy Plans that aid in your child’s development; extending emergency or crisis support in times of heightened necessity; and delivering palliative care and end-of-life respite.
Jacqueline is an active supporter of Hannah’s House and as well as asking us all to wear yellow, she encouraged us to make a donation to this important charity.  Several members have donated, and if you would like to help, please go to https://hannahshouse.org.au/about-us/
Meeting 3 April.  Guest Speakers Prachi Dave and the GSHS Solar Car Team
Our last meeting was a fantastic Youth Focused meeting.  We heard from Prachi Dave about her experiences in the International Youth Science Forum in London.  She had a wonderful time meeting like-minded young people from all over the world, and listening to lectures delivered by Nobel Prize winners and visiting specialist engineering research facilities.  And … based on her photos of activities in London, it looked as though the social activities were very good too.  Unfortunately we did not take a photo of Prachi during her presentation, but we have one taken when she was in Yr 12 about four years ago.  The second item  was hearing from the Girrawheen Senior High School students who talked about their experiences in last year’s state and national Solar Car competitions.  The five presenters (see photo) won the state competition against over 50 other schools with their car doing about 38 km/hr.  Very impressive.  The team had a great trip to Tasmania – supported by Heirisson – and although they did not win the national competition, they had a very enjoyable sight-seeing tour around the Hobart area.  Congratulations to them and their teacher Charan, who is the head of STEM at GSHS.  WE look forward to their efforts in 2024.  No photos available – Debbie and or Jacqueline may have some
Rotary in strength at the Hyde Park Fair
Rotary was out in strength at the Hyde Park Fair on 3 and 4 March with one of the roads through the park set aside to feature Rotary supported Projects, including Shelterbox, Australian Rotary Health, National Youth Science Forum and homelessness.  Our contribution was providing $500 to support a very complicated and stressful transport of a ‘Tiny Home’ built by David Wee (Perth RC) to the Park, and a display of two Eye Contract Portraits plus distribution of literature about our homelessness activities.  The Hon John Carey MLA, Minister for Housing called by and had a lengthy chat to Ken Mullin, and he promised to attend an upcoming ‘Homeless Hub’ meeting.  All was well, except when Don drove his car in to collect the portraits too early, thereby incurring the wrath of the venue security.  Fortunately he and said car escaped without being impounded!
Emi’s birthday
We celebrated Emi’s 17th birthday at our meeting on 20 March with some gifts, a cake and a rousing chorus oh Happy Birthday.  Emi looked very chuffed by it all as you can see in the accompanying photos.  She has spent some of the school holidays at Cervantes and she will also be attending the ‘Lift the Lid’ walk addressing mental health issues, and the ‘International Dinner’ held during the District Conference on 13 April.  She will let us know how all that went at the next meeting.
Gunfire Breakfast on Anzac Day
Wesley Sim from Perth Rotary Club has advised that our assistance will be needed for this year’s Gunfire Breakfast being held in Government House Gardens on Anzac Day.
The bad news is of course that we will need to be there in the pre-dawn to set up before the veterans and their families arrive.  The good news is that this year the RSL will be provide all hardware (barbeques, tables, cooking gear and food) which will remove the need to lug our barbies etc., into the venue. 
If you are starter, please put it in your diary.
Joondalup Festival of Motoring – 5 May 2024
Justin is the Team Leader for the Joondalup Festival of Motoring, which is being held on 5 May.  He needs a large number of volunteers (22 suggested) to help on the day, and in return the club will be provided with a sizable financial return.  Some members have volunteered already, but we will need more.  So …. please put this opportunity in your diary and let Bronwyn know.  More information will be provided at next week’s Heirisson Meeting.
Finally – outstanding subs for Jan-July 2024
Well done everybody, Treasurer Don says we are nearly there, with Ken winning the coveted bottle of Bush Bottlers Red for being the fist member to pay.  There are now only two members still to pay., and we know who they are! 😊
Next Club Meeting  17th April (tomorrow night)!! at Perth & Tattersalls Bowling Club 2 Plain St., East Perth. 6pm for Dinner/Drinks, 7pm for meeting. See y'all there! 
Apr 17, 2024 7:00 PM
Member Workshop: Fund-Raising Projects
May 01, 2024
Rotary Bikes to South Africa
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