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Debbie Fletcher -- My Life and Interests

Debbie Fletcher with her husband Rick who was Inducted into the Club
photographed by Doug Worthington
Debbie talked on her educational and professional life. Let fate be your guide is Debbie experience, letting life unfold.
Debbie started in science but found that it was not for her.  Debbie then met Rick and they went to Melbourne for Rick who was studying for his PhD. In Melbourne Debbie worked in reception which was not for her but she did learn to touch type.

Debbie went to University and studied English Literature then History at Sydney University then Australian Social History which is the history of hidden people, not just the leaders. Debbie obtained a teaching degree. Undertook a Graduate Degree of Local History at Edith Cowan University. After the Grad Dip a Masters on Female Criminality to see if the evidence for conviction was based on crimes of law or instead were due to their femininity based on the verbatim court reports in the newspapers. 
Debbie commenced as a Native Title Researcher for Neville Green. This was an intellectual and social challenge trying to find the hidden history both in WA and NSW and included Genealogical Research. The NSW native title work involved seminal cases.
In WA Debbie was called to the Noongar Trial for the South West as expert evidence and Debbie was able to eventually turn that gathered evidence  into her PhD, on the "Impact of Settlement and Loss of Identity." Even though Debbie had to revise the thesis because of the Judge Willcox's decision that title existed.
What Debbie was able to demonstrate was that though the indigenous people on the land seem to comply to the authorities they engaged in  passive resistance are were able to maintain their connection to their traditional land. Their intent was that by covert action to the dominant white culture they could undermine assimilation. There was lore culture behind the compliance.
Debbie has a career in native title state policy and has a role with the Mardu people in the Western Desert.

Debbie has a heart for the marginalised and vulnerable people and this fits well with in Rotary and its focus.

Enjoy Doug Worthinton's photos of the meeting:
Debbie with President Greg
Rick and President Greg


Visiting Rotarians on holidays from North California.

The Club Banner exchange. The image on the North California Banner is a mammoth.

President Greg with Sofia our Rotary International Exchange Student from Finland.   


GSHS will be holing a “Harmony Day” on Thursday 21st March 2019 as part of their commitment to being a vital part of their community.
We have been asked to provide volunteers to supervise parking and man some of the school gates on the day, as well as providing some assistance in packing up.
"More information about the event 2 – 6pm
We will begin at 2pm with an official opening on the oval similar to our school assembly. We have staging and activities so will have music and performances through to approximately 5.45/6pm.
We close at 6pm. We have food trucks and activities planned.”
I will circulate a list over next week or two seeking volunteers. This is a great opportunity to support the school.
Thanks, Allan McLean

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Remember to be Busy Selling Tickets for the Coming Duck Derby

With cooperation of Hillarys’ Rotary, we have an opportunity to promote Rotary’s Duck Derby at their Carine Fair this Sunday.
Sunday, 17 March 2019 | 10AM – 4PM
Carine Regional Open Space | Cnr Beach & Okely Road, Carine
If you can help out at some time over the day please contact Warwick urgently.

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1989-90 Hugh M. Archer (electrical engineering), Rotary Club of Dearborn, Michigan, USA.
Rotary vision: That Rotarians Enjoy Rotary! in every aspect, from simple fellowship to wide-ranging service.
“…There is so much pleasure in Rotary activities. The breakfast, luncheon, or dinner every week brings you in contact with your fellow members. Their diverse interests and knowledge stimulate your interest in your community…The planning for service projects both close by or across some distant horizon carries us out of our own self-interest into the wonderful world of service to others…[and the] pleasing paradox…that we grow in stature when we give of our time and talent to improve the quality of life for someone else. How strange that when we give dignity to someone else, we grow in dignity ourselves…”
— Enjoy Rotary!, THE ROTARIAN, July 1989
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