Heirisson Happenings
Australia Day Breakfast – Victoria Gardens
Our annual Australia Day Breakfast was another triumph this year with it being combined with a very dignified 'Welcome to Country and Smoking Ceremony' organised by Denyse McClements from Auspire – Australia Day Council (WA).  Robin Arndt made a very gracious welcome speech to all those present, and then after the usual muddle setting everything up (barbecues, gazebos, tables etc) we served a record number of breakfasts (we think 307) to a grateful and cheerful crowd.  Thanks again to John Patton at IGA Royal Street for his generous donation of $750 for the foodstuffs and to members of the East Perth Community Group who helped out.  The event raised over $1,200 for Heirisson funds and Auspire – Australia Day Council (WA) more than matched that with a generous donation of $1,500.  All in all, a very worthwhile and enjoyable event!  And several photos are attached!
Pictures by Sheridan and Don.
Some things you did not know about India
At our first meeting for the year, Don Burnside gave a presentation about some things about India people may not know, partly based on his and Bev’s recent holiday in that fascinating country.  He talked about the tragedy of partition in 1947, when the entire sub-continent was split into Pakistan and India, resulting in between 12-17 million people having to migrate across borders (Muslims to Pakistan, Hindus and Sikhs to India), with an estimated one million people dying of hunger and disease or being killed in massacres.  He then talked about the ‘new’ India where 420 million people now lead a middle class lifestyle with that number expected to grow to 840 million (60 per cent of the population) by 2047.  At the same time the birthrate is falling and the population will peak in about 2040.  Meanwhile the number of destitute people is decreasing and education provides opportunities in a rapidly growing economy. 
Lorraine’s adventures in Russia in 1975
On 21 February, President Bronwyn’s mother Lorraine, who is a frequent and welcome attendee at Heirisson events, gave a very interesting and entertaining story of a trip she made to Russia (aka Soviet Union) in 1975 to look after her brother Robert who was in hospital there having been very badly injured when a bus he was travelling in managed to roll over him.  Lorraine received no assistance with a Visa from the Australian Government, but she boldly went into the Soviet Embassy in London and obtained a Visa on the spot.  In Moscow she and a friend Penny stayed in the Metropole Hotel (just round the corner from Red Square) and after some confusion managed to find their way to hospital where her brother was staying and provided the necessary comfort and support.  In just a few days, they mastered the bus services (the hospital was well away from the centre of the city) and also managed to deal with the poor quality food and service.  She stayed in Moscow long enough to know that Robert was well on the mend.  Definitely a great adventure!
Russia travel - Lonely Planet | Europe
Hyde Park Fair
The Hyde Park Fair is coming up this weekend, and there will be a “Discover Rotary” section where lots of Rotary projects get showcased. Among them is the “Tiny Home” project, where we install a granny flat in someone’s back yard to accommodate an at-risk teenager.  For the Festival we plan to have an actual granny flat unit there, courtesy of David Wee of the Perth Club, who has paid for its construction.  We will have a sample of the Eye Contact Portraits on display and Ken Mullin is rounding up people to supervise the display over the two day event (Sunday 3 and Monday 4 March).  Even if you are not on duty, please call by and say hello.
Emi’s news
Emi has moved to live with a new host family – Libby Mathew and her daughters Lucy and Abby – who live in Yokine and the girls also attend Mount Lawley SHS.  Emi seems to have accumulated quite a bit of stuff since arriving in Australia (see photo) which with some difficulty 😊 we moved across to her new home.  She has settled in well there.  However, when asked how the new school year was starting, she just said ‘hot’!  The other big event was the School Ball held on Friday 23 February and Emi looked her best in a beautiful dress, as shown in the attached photos of Emi and two of her friends.  From all accounts the ball was enjoyed very much by all.
Girrawheen Senior High School news
On Friday March 22, 2024 Girrawheen Senior High School will be celebrating its 50th anniversary by hosting our very own community event ‘Unity in the Community’.
The event will be held on the school oval and Heirisson members are welcome to bring your family and friends.  The opening ceremony is 2pm to 3pm followed by a celebration of cultural dance, and talented entertainers. There will be free activities and challenges for school students, displays, food trucks and stalls. There will be a display of 50 years of Girrawheen SHS’s history.  If you are planning to attend, can you please RSVP to Kris Crew by email: Kristine.Crew@education.wa.edu.au
Gunfire Breakfast on Anzac Day
Wesley Sim from Perth Rotary Club has advised that our assistance will be needed for this year’s Gunfire Breakfast being held in Government House Gardens on Anzac Day.
The bad news is of course that we will need to be there in the pre-dawn to set up before the veterans and their families arrive.  The good news is that this year the RSL will be provide all hardware (barbeques, tables, cooking gear and food) which will remove the need to lug our barbies etc., into the venue.  Phew!
Wesley will be in touch with more details in due course, but in the meantime, if you are starter, please put it in your diary.
Next Club Meeting  6th March at Perth & Tattersalls Bowling Club 2 Plain St., East Perth. 6pm for Dinner/Drinks, 7pm for meeting. See y'all there! 
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