Heirisson Happenings?

Guest Speaker 8 August:

Graham Peden,"District Governor's Vision for the Year Ahead"

President Allan with with Guest Speaker District Governor Graham.
Picture Doug Worthington
District Governor Graham emphazised the importance of connecting: leaders, families, professional people, and community.
The 6 areas of focus for Rotary continue to be a focus:
  • Peace and conflict prevention/resolution.
  • Disease prevention and treatment.
  • Water and sanitation.
  • Maternal and child health.
  • Basic education and literacy.
  • Economic and community development.
To which we now add a seventhe focus area which is the environment. 

My Rotary Website https://my.rotary.org/en has citation targets for these focus areas that guide and measure the achievements in these areas. Please register on My Rotary as currently only  32% of Heirisson members are connected to My Rotary. 

We are now at a time when clubs need to be flexible for there are many forms of club structure with a business model, and IT Club, and a corporate weekend being just some examples.
The need to constantly be conscious of increasing membership as Rotary has 1.2 million members in a world population 7.5 billion which is .0015 percent. Yet with the world population growing to 10 billion each year Rotary is effectively losing membership.

Rotary does so much for the community and we need to let the community know what Rotary is about. Jess Carlson is working on the marketing budget.

Heirisson Club has shown how we at rotary can pick up new members.
Rotary also needs to focus on working with various different organisations such as the  United Nations, an organisation that has the same objectives. United Nations Association of WA (https://www.unaa.org.au/about/state-teams/western-australia/) has objectives like: peace wich Rotary can work together with on a path of peace.

The Eliminate Polio campaign has seen a drop off in funding.

The Rotary Foundation has a billion dollars and is 71st in the list of foundations.

We at Rotary need to be strategic in our planning and fellowship, especially in trying to attarct a of diversity of people,anyone with a kind heart, especially with a focus on younger people. With Clubs being active in Interact, EarlyAct clubs in school, then post schooling with Rotaract.  For in Rotary anyone over 18 
has opportunity to be leaders.

Guest Speaker 12 August 
Nicki McKenzie
"Twelve Buckets"

President Allan with with Guest Speaker Nicki and Jason who introduced Nicki.
Picture Doug Worthington

Rotary Basics

Rotary Focus on the “Four Way Test”: of the things we think, say or do which is a test used by Rotarians world-wide as a moral code for personal and business relationships. The test can be applied to almost any aspect of life. The test was scripted by Herbert J. Taylor an American from Chicago as he set out to save the Club Aluminum Products Distribution Company from bankruptcy. It was later adopted by Rotary International, the global federation of Rotary service clubs.
In the 1940s, when Taylor was an international director of Rotary, he offered the Four Way Test to the organization, and it was adopted by Rotary for its internal and promotional use. The twenty four word test remains today a central part of the permanent Rotary structure throughout the world, and is held as the standard by which all behaviour should be measured. The test has been promoted around the world and is used in myriad forms to encourage personal and business ethical practices. Taylor gave Rotary International the right to use the test in the 1940s and the copyright in 1954. He retained the rights to use the test for himself, his Club Aluminum Company and the Christian Workers Foundation.
The test is displayed on billboards in the judicial court premises in Ghana.

Herman Cartoon

Next Club Meeting:
Thursday 29 August 7am for 7.30am start at
Sterling Business College
65 Newcastle St Perth
Meeting cost is $10.00 per person (Cash only) and includes a light breakfast of a selection of Danish Pastries, assorted muffins, party pies, and tea and coffee making facilities.

RI President-elect Mark Daniel Maloney's theme for 2019-20, Rotary Connects the World, asks Rotarians to strengthen the many ways that Rotary Connects the World, building the connections that allow talented, thoughtful, and generous people to unite and take meaningful action through Rotary service.

Month of August Theme

Membership and New Club Development

August - Membership & Extension Month

Membership and New Club Development Month, a time to focus on Rotary's continuing need for growth, to seek new members and form new clubs.

  • Update your classifications list and circulate amongst members and accordingly fill up the Vacancies
  • Educate members about membership Procedure
  • Induct New Members
  • Invite Retractors to join Rotary
  • Consider inviting Local Personalities to be Inducted as Honorary Members
  • Organise Seminar on Club level & a Public meeting inviting non rotary friends and Rotary Alumni to emphasis Advantages of Joining Rotary

[Source: http://rotary3000.org/2018-19/rotary/designatedmonths.php ]

Homeless Hub Strategic Planning meeting held at Uniting Care West on Wednesday 7 August
Photo: Glenda Hickey

From Lauren Wolters Our Exchange Student in Brazil

On 23 Aug 2019, at 3:53 am, Lauren Wolters wrote:
Dear Rotarians,
I hope you all are well at the club of Heirisson, I have a small matter I’d like to share with you all. 
As you may know, Rotary districts often offer various cultural trips for the inbound exchange students in their district. My district; 4510 offers trips inside and outside of Brazil, the biggest (and most expensive) being the “big trip” which spans 20 days travelling through the Amazon and North/East of Brazil. This specific trip is an amazing opportunity for the students and is one which is once in a life time, more so now that the Amazon is under threat with fires and excessive deforestation. However, because of the price of this trip, some students can’t afford to go. Within our exchange student group, we are trying to ensure all the students have a chance to experience this trip and are seeking your help in any way. We are asking if Rotary members or clubs may be able to help by donating or helping in organising fundraising for these students. 
We have created a small page if anyone is able to donate money for these students. Also if you could possibly pass this on to anyone you know that may be able to help, it’d be greatly appreciated. 
On a different note, I am planning to do another small update on my Facebook that I hope you will enjoy. 
Many thanks,
From Lauren Wolters 
Picture from Lauren's Facebook
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