Heirisson Happenings
From President Don;
Apologies for the delay in getting this Heirisson Happenings out, which covers the last two weeks’ activities.
Guest Speakers
A quick change of plans meant that Don Burnside was the guest speaker at our evening meeting on Tuesday 5 April, presenting on the subject of Ecosystem Services.  Don explained that ‘Ecosystems provide many of the basic services that make life possible for people. Plants clean air and filter water, bacteria decompose wastes, bees pollinate flowers, and tree roots hold soil in place to prevent erosion.’  Attempts to put a dollar value on the natural world – so-called “natural capital” or “ecosystem services” – have produced some staggering numbers.  A seminal paper in 1997 valued the world’s ecosystem services at US$33 trillion (A$42 trillion) a year. This estimate was controversial, given that it dwarfed the entire global market economy, which at the time stood at roughly US$18 trillion ($AU22 trillion) a yea.  New markets are developing for previously undervalued services, e.g. carbon trading, biodiversity auctions, environmental flows of water, and offsets.
Our own Warwick Smith was guest speaker on Thursday morning 14 April, presenting on the very important work Australian Rotary Health (ARH) is doing in research, training and health services delivery.  ARH was founded by Rotarian Ian Smith in 1981 and is a national, not-for-profit organisation which funds health research and provides community education about health in Australia. The organisation supports work on a broad range of health problems, but specialises in mental health.  Through research grants  allocated  by  Australian  Rotary  Health, Australian researchers have received over $51 million since 1985.  In 2022, $1.5 million will be allocated to grants, scholarships and other activities.  Information about ARH an how you can donate is available at https://australianrotaryhealth.org.au/support-us/quick-donation-form/
Reviewing meeting frequency and timing
Many Rotary clubs are developing flexible schedules to cope with members’ changing lifestyles, and also a desire to include more social activities as well as business meetings.  At our evening meeting on 5 April, a discussion facilitated by Ken Mullin captured the views of members about Heirisson’s meeting frequency and timing, with the objective of finding a meeting schedule that will encourage increased participation in meetings.  A summary of what was heard has been emailed to members – feedback welcomed - and the Board will be considering what changes we may trial to make when it meets next Tuesday.
Foodbank Packing- Wednesday 13 April
A posse of Heirisson members – see photos – responded to Foodbank’s call for volunteers to help with packing on Wednesday 13 April.  Together with members of Swan Rotary, an employee of Bankwest and a Yr 12 student from MLC, a fast and furious 5 hours was spent packing frozen packs of fish and chips, and meat and veggies.  By the time the team staggered out we had done just over 1,000 packs, which nearly doubled Foodbank’s expectations!  Yea ….  That made it seem worth the sore feet and backs.  They have asked us to come back again, and after brief discussion Ken advised them that we will have recovered and be ready for another bout in about 3 week’s time!  Please let Ken know if you want to join in next time…  All in all we did well, and enjoyed the camaraderie (and the tim tams for morning tea 😊). And …. it was also great to see Richard Nolan back in our midst! 
Anzac Day – Monday 25 April
After cancellations in the last two years, the Gunfire Breakfast in Government House Gardens is ‘on’, with Rotary clubs providing volunteers – up to 60 – to help with serving breakfasts and tea and coffee.
About 10 Heirisson members have put their hands up – and they will know who they are – but if people who have not volunteered but want to, please contact President Don and he will note you down on the list.  Those volunteering will need to be on site at 6.00 am with the event winding up in time for patrons to join the march around 10.00 am.  More details will be send out next week.
Upcoming event
Please consider helping out with National Reconciliation Week activities, which were emailed to all members on Tuesday 12 April. If you would like to volunteer for any of the activities listed in the email please contact Ros Marshall, Rotary D9455 Aboriginal Reference Group (ARG)chair) (rosslyn.marshall@gmail.com; 0413 221 253) by the dates ashown in the email.  The details will be emailed again over Easter.
I hope you are all having a wonderful Easter. One more day to go so ENJOY!
Next Club Meeting
Thursday April 21
 7am start for 7:30 breakfast meeting to be held downstairs in Quinney's Restaurant Function Room. 
Gloucester Park, 3 Nelson Cres, East Perth WA 6004
May 03, 2022 7:00 PM
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