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Hello members,
Yes, we're still here!! It's been a very tough couple of weeks for our roving reporter, Don, who has been absolutely up to the eyeballs with all manner of stuff.
Also sadly, my own daughter Jennifer, is again in Hospital and has been for over a week now and this has taken up most of my spare time. My wife Jaki and I are spending 10 hours per day by her bedside, helping the nurses with her needs and providing a communication link to the nurses who are incredibly short staffed .
Please say a prayer for Jennifer, she is very ill.
So apologies for the delay in getting stuff to you but it has been unavoidable, here ‘tis
Guest Speaker – 19 July
Geoff Barrett, Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions
Geoff talked about Quenda Relocations and habitat requirements for Quenda, which provided background if we want to become involved in Quenda management abd conservation in the East Perth area.  Several members of the EPCG also attended, as they are also interested in Quenda.
Quenda (also called Southern Brown Bandicoot) are small animals with coarse dark grey or yellow brown fur above and creamy-white below and a short, tapered, dark brown tail. The ears are short and rounded. The tail is lightly furred and often shortened or missing altogether, probably as a result of fighting.  Despite predation by foxes and cats, they occur in many parts of the metropolitan area, especially in the suburbs in the hills.  The Quenda is omnivorous and the diet includes invertebrates (including earthworms, adult beetles and their larvae), underground fungi, subterranean plant material, and very occasionally, small vertebrates.  Quenda are prolific breeders with up to 12 young a year being reared. 
Major threats to the Quenda include fragmentation and loss of habitat on the coastal plain and in the Wheat belt, fire in fragmented habitat, predation by foxes (particularly in more open habitat), predation of young by cats and predation around residential areas by dogs.
Geoff said the main contribution that a group such as ours can make is in monitoring quenda numbers in the East Perth area, and in providing cheap nesting areas (such as timber pallets covered in brush, which will prevent foxes and cats from getting at the quenda).  He concluded by offering to assist us if we want to pursue a ‘quenda project’.
Cowboy Changeover Dinner
16th July.
This was a great night mightily enjoyed by all.
Here's a couple of pics but I will include many more in a special addition of HH coming up soon.
Guest Speaker – 2 August
Justin's colleague Locki Kenyon-Quigley 
Justin describes Loki as the smartest authority on Google in Perth.
Heres some bullet points of what was discussed:
  • Is your phone listening to you? - No, but here's the reality
  • The past - the bid auction
  • The future - machine learning
    • Training AI - tagging a website, tracking your behaviour and interests.
    • Remarketing, 'you may also like' etc.
  • Should we be worried?
    • No. Regulation is catching up with technology. No health based assumptions, intense restrictions on political advertising, advertisers increasingly being forced to be transparent, eg. 'why am i being shown this ad?'
  • Live demonstration of ai writing copy.
While it may seem like your phone is listening to you, it's not. Machine learning is now so powerful it can show you recommendations based on your prior purchase behaviour. On the flipside, regulations are becoming tighter and you can opt out of these targeted ads in more ways than ever. It's an extremely powerful way to give small businesses a fighting chance against the big guys. 
Also at the meeting were Lauren Wolters (2020 outbound exchange student), and her father Rick and Lauren’s grandfather Alex Lang, a member of the Rotary Club Richmond Nelson NZ.  As well as an exchange of club banners, Ken Mullin was able to pass on the wooden plaque from Knysna that he received at Tarporley Rotary Club to Alex to take home to NZ. 
Guest Speaker – 16 August
Lauren Wolters – Rotex Club
Lauren will be back with us this Tuesday to tell us about the Rotex Club that the past outbound exchange students have formed.  It is being very active in the community and we look forward to hearing about it.
Coming Event – RC of Mount Lawley Quiz Night, 7.00 pm, 26 August at the ‘The Rise’ 28 Eighth Avenue, MayLands
For all Quiz Night aficionados.
  • This is in support of  Zambia Project and the Global Grant will be ensuring Water Security for our project.
  • It is for the provision of clean, potable drinking water for over 100 orphaned school children in Ndola, Zambia.
  • There are to be 30 tables of 8 available for $160 per table – please get this out to your fanatical quiz night friends.
  • There is a chance to win a great collection of prizes including exclusive jewellery from Matusik Diamond Jewellers in Mt Lawley, a 3 night stay in Dunsborough, and a Deep Buttoned Velvet Ottoman.
  • 8 rounds that will test your knowledge of all sorts of subjects, plus table quizzes and other fun games throughout the night.
See y'all tomorrow night!
Next Club Meeting Tuesday August 16th (Tomorrow night!!)
6pm Dinner start for 7pm meeting to be held in Quinney's Restaurant Function Room. 
Gloucester Park, 3 Nelson Cres, East Perth WA 6004
Aug 16, 2022
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