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Gary Racey Principal St George's Grammar School

Bronwyn Introducing Speaker Gary Racey
All Photographs by Doug Worthington
ASC (Anglican Schools Commission) has 14 schools with 11 in WA where it commenced. Being private it has different elements to that of the public schools. 
The history behind St George's is that the ASC took over the Murdoch College which was bought and rebranded.  The change from a school in the suburb to a school in the city.
St George's is coeducational with 20% being international students mainly from China. So there are different cultures especially with Mandarin being spoken. A school with an international profile.
The school facility is at 50 and 56 William Street where the rooftop used for play space and concerts. Partnership with professional groups are required so as to access areas needed by the school like using St George's Cathedral as the school's chapel. 

The students use public transport and in the CBD the students encounter people experiencing homelessness.

St George's focus is on the quickly changing work environment and the educational impact for students needs.
The locality and need for facilities like the zoo and theatre and sport means that the students are always on weekly excusions.

St George's size means that it can offer to the staff and students personal care and needs to watch that if it becomes too big it will lose that culture.
Interior plants are necessary but a large constant cost to the school.

The music program is a good illustration of the changed educational dynamic with the teacher not teaching from the front of the class which has windows all around the class. There is no teacher desk. Creativity and collaboration extends to the furniture environment.

Only school in the Perth Fringe Festival with the students involved in music mixing and DJing.

All schools with same trained teachers and curriculum so schools need to look to the 5 to 10% where they can make a distinctive contribution in defining the school's difference.

Challenge of space and looking to facility aquisition rather than the current lease. The challenge of staff transitioning to the new pedagogical model. The challenge of student movement through 7 floors on a stairwell which keeps them physical active.

Vision for the future. To change the current cafeteria into an inner city cafe, and possibly look to partner with a group within the hospitality industry. 

Multiple buildings firstly with the Secondary School growing to to 3 classes per year for subject coverage. Then for the primary school possibly to kindergarten.

Students are to experience the corporate boardroom. Students to have the opportunity for Outward Bound which requires corporate sponsorship. Having parents talking about their professions to the students.
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Duck Derby at Hilarys

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