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Jim Crossland -- My Life and Interests

Jim Crossland
photographed by Doug Worthington
Jim grew in the suburb of Lakemba in Sydney. Lakemba now has the largest Lebanese community and mosque in Australia.

After school Jim underwent a pre-apprenticeship and then apprenticeship as a motor mechanic.  In 1962 as a diesel mechanic Jim worked on the government buses for 8 pounds 2 and 6 pence.
Jim had 5 years as an apprentice  and 5 year as a tradesperson.

Jim wanted a change and went to Carnarvon as a diesel mechanic at the Tracking Stations. Here Jim met Jackie who was a teacher. Jim also Learnt to fly airplanes. These skills led Jim to fly to the stations to fix and to sell motor bikes. While servicing many bikes Jim never never sold a bike.

In 1975 Jim and Jackie were married at Kings Park. Jim then obtained the job as a Field Technician for tracking dog traps and checking them from an aircraft. This formed part of a Dingo research program.

Here Jim and Jackie met Don who was working at the Research Station in Carnarvon. 

Jim through his work meet the people who staffed the Flight Service Centres in Carnarvon. This led to Jim going to Melbourne for a 6 months training course then followed by months of field training in Helensburg Sydney.
Then in 1984 Jim went from Flight Service to Airtraffic Control which required a further 6 months training in Melbourne.

This led Jim to experience the operations of search and rescue which was implemented based on the US Coast Guard research and experience. The year 2000 saw the end of Jim's career in Airtraffic Control as the State Centres closed down.

At 53 Jim found himself unemployed.  For a while Jim drove a taxi enjoying the company of the passengers. Then Jim gained the job as a Radio Operator on an Oil Rig till until 2013 when Jim retired at 65. A 42,000 deep hole in the Gulf of Mexico is the depth the record for an Oil Rig.

Jim with his long time friend Don obtained a boat to sail around Australia after picking the boat up at Harvey Bay. They also enjoy racing a sailboat on Saturdays.
Enjoy some of the slides that Jim Presented:

Thanks Jim for a great talk.


GSHS will be holing a “Harmony Day” on Thursday 21st March 2019 as part of their commitment to being a vital part of their community.
We have been asked to provide volunteers to supervise parking and man some of the school gates on the day, as well as providing some assistance in packing up.
"More information about the event 2 – 6pm
We will begin at 2pm with an official opening on the oval similar to our school assembly. We have staging and activities so will have music and performances through to approximately 5.45/6pm.
We close at 6pm. We have food trucks and activities planned.”
I will circulate a list over next week or two seeking volunteers. This is a great opportunity to support the school.
Thanks, Allan McLean

Lauren's Report and Photos

Hi again,
I have just completed my monthly report for February to my Rotary placement office and wanted to keep you in the loop about some "good points” that are happening, have happened, or are going to happen.
My language has improved significantly and I am able to understand many more things in school and conversation, which is very exciting and makes it easier for me to participate in school, with my friends and with my family. However, Portuguese certainly isn't easy, but I am trying very hard to learn as many new words as possible; constantly asking friends and family what things are.
On the 16th and 17th of February, I travelled to a city called Martinopolis for my "Newbie inbound briefing weekend". We were lucky enough to spend the weekend in a house by a lake and I met all 7 of the other oceanic newbies plus 4 oldies and 1 Rotex. I really enjoyed this weekend as we spent time getting to know each other, playing games, and learning more about exchange from our RYE chair; Gustavo and other rotarians.
On Thursday (28th Feb) I am going to the coast with my host family and the Belgium exchange student they hosted before me, to a beach city called Balneário Camboriú for a few days. The day after I come back home from this trip (6th March), I go with Rotary and 21 other exchange students to Rio, where we will get to watch a Carnival parade and visit the attractions of Rio. I am very excited get to do lots of travelling, seeing more of Brazil, seeing the beach again(!!!) and spending some more time with exchange students and my family.
The first photo is of me with some friends at school and the second is of all the students and three rotarians at our newbie briefing weekend (the boy with the Brazilian flag is from South Africa and all other students are holding their respective flags)
Lauren :)
Getting back into the routine of school hasn’t been easy, considering I graduated at home but I am very lucky to have made such nice friends that make school fun and help me out when I have no idea what is going on (more often than not). 
I’ve travelled to different cities twice since my last update; once to Marília (again) for my American friend; Kieryn’s birthday, where I had lots of fun meeting so many more exchange students and learning more about exchange life. The following weekend I went to Martinopolis for the “Newbie Inbound Conference” for my district. Here I met all the “newbie” exchange students who began exchange in January like me. We had a good time staying in a house by lake ‘Laranja Doce’, swimming, playing games, doing JustDance and learning more about each other and exchange. 
After hitting the one month mark, I’ve definitely realised exchange life certainly isn’t easy, but I’m understanding how to live out each day here in Brazil, trying to get out and about as often as possible and slowly being able to communicate more and more with my friends and family .
Lauren :)
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March 2019
Water and Sanitation Month
11-17 March — World Rotaract Week
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Water and Sanitation Month

Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education are basic necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life.

When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly, and mothers can spend less time carrying water and more time helping their families.


Through water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) programs, Rotary’s people of action mobilize resources, form partnerships, and invest in infrastructure and training that yield long-term change.


All 24 of Lebanon’s Rotary clubs came together — overcoming religious, cultural, and political divisions — to form partnerships with the government, World Vision, UNICEF, and the Red Cross. Together the groups developed a program that delivers clean water to every public school in the country.


Rotary clubs and partners built 222 toilets, six rainwater collectors, seven communal handwashing stations, and 20 biosand filters. The project provided more than 1,000 people with access to proper toilet facilities and almost 600 people with a regular supply of clean water.


Rotary clubs partnered with local organizations to install a rainwater harvesting and distribution center for 4,000 people in Madan, India. They also delivered training programs for women in the community and students in 35 schools.


Rotary clubs in Guatemala improved conditions for as many as 1,793 children in 10 schools in the town of Escuintla by providing toilets, washing stations, water tanks, and training


A dozen Rotary clubs collaborated with local partners to establish a water supply and delivery system for 1,500 people in the village of Kigogo, Tanzania. They also taught the community how to maintain the systems and provided hygiene education.


Rotary Quote

1987-88 Charles C. Keller (corporate law practice), Rotary Club of California, Pennsylvania, USA.
Rotary vision: That the world see Rotarians — United in Service — Dedicated to Peace.
“The challenge of world peace…is the most pressing imperative of our time….In a world which possesses the means of self-destruction, if we do not find the path of peace, whatever else we do won’t make much difference.”
— Address to 1987 Rotary Convention, Munich, Germany

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