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23 January Quest Speaker Allan Adams, “Beyond IQ” Neuroleadership (NYC)

Quest Speaker Allan with President Allan
Photo by Editor
Guest Speaker, Allan Adams, “Beyond IQ” Neuroleadership (NYC)
Neuroscience of leadership managing unexpected change.
Bullying, different thoughts and emotions for each person so difficult for a formal definition as it depends on the person receiving the behaviour feeling that they have been bullied. In law that behaviour needs to be repeated in a pattern a system. Interpretation and feeling of the person.
Two pathways in your brain, threat and reward pathways. Threat response associated with stress, keep me safe triggers in our body. Automatic without control over them. Overworked, stressed, protect myself system invoked. Protective behaviours are evoked, a threat perceived by other people to my behaviour. Both are trying to keep safe from each other.
Best defence is offense. A psychological arms race in the workplace because of stress responses. Every reward pathway there are five threat pathways. Running, ducking and hiding behaviours.
How we process the environment, SCARF: Status, Certainty, Autonomy, Relatedness, Fairness, highly linked to reward and threat. Motivated by Status, motivated by doing a good job. Bullied, if ask them why they did it like that. Having to explain and defend what they have done.
Certainty, withhold a piece of information will make them feel bullied.
Key is to become consciously aware of their, motivators for being interactive and relative in their work to see interactions not as threats by seeing the other person’s motivators. Bullying melts aware. Connectedness and team playing scheme.
Withdraw involves suppression of how they are feeling. Emotions build up and eventually come out not in thoughtful expressive way as explosion. Learn vocabulary to express their emotional state they have more control and socially engaged. Otherwise socially unadapted adults who end up in incarceration.
Victim mind-set, blame cycle, the more people involved in it the more entrenched it becomes as culture. People being in opposing camps. Creates hostile environment. Triggers reward pathway of revenge, sweet until we feel guilty, so blame the other as they deserved it. Must unblame people in the team, very hard to achieve, as investment in revenge scheme.
Limits negative feedback, hypersensitive environment. Hardest for manager to give feed back so that it is a reduced threat. Manager unlearn the threat pathway to the reward pathway.

Student Arrival and Departure

Lauren arrived at Perth International Airport on Saturday 18 January and James left.


Welcome Home Lauren, photos supplied by Don Burnside

Farewell to James, photos supplied by Don Burnside

James arriving in Poland, photos supplied by Don Burnside

James first dinner in Poland, photos supplied by Don Burnside

Our exchange student Nils spending a day at the track at Barbagallo Race Track 22 December 2019

Nils had an awesome time as a passenger in a Porsche GT2/GT3, Renaultsport Megane, Alfa Romeo GTV6 and others. This was thanks to him for helping out at the Renault track day a few weeks back where he was a great asset for what was a very long and hot day. He was able to go for a drive in the worlds fastest front wheel drive car, the Megane RS-Trophy R driven by James Moffat (Allan’s son). He also got to meet Peter Briggs and be part of the launch of a book about one of the worlds oldest Renault’s (1899) which lives here in Perth. All in all he has had some great Motorsport experiences that most locals will never have and thought the club members may be interested.

Thanks to Justin Walker for the story and the photos of Nils.
Next Club Meeting:
Thursday 30 January 7am for 7.30am start at
Ibis Styles
69 Adelaide Terrace, East Perth
Meeting cost is
$20 includes breakfast




January is Vocational Service Month. People from all over the world have multiple reasons for joining Rotary. Many new Rotarians each year join for the same reason I did — because Rotary is a great way to benefit your career.


Dear Heirisson Rotary Club members. Notice is given that in two weeks time, 6 February at our regular Club meeting at Ibis Styles that the meeting will briefly close and the AGM meeting open so as to receive the audited financial report.
Yours truly,
Ross Jones, Heirisson Club Board Secretary
Please leave obtaining your breakfast from the buffet until 7.30am start.
3,045 over 2,500 target Give a Feed very well done.
City Toyota $5,000 donation toward car in Duck Derby.

The Rotary Leadership Institute (RLI)

provides a great opportunity for Rotarians to update and expand their knowledge of Rotary and for new Rotarians the greatest benefit you are likely to get from this course is a knowledge about Rotary, how it is structured, how it works and its wide breadth of programs. You will meet Rotarians from other clubs and share experiences and learn about different projects.
Attending RLI is excellent preparation for anyone who is a Director on their club’s board or who may be looking to become a Club President or you may just want to be a Rotarian. The broader understanding of Rotary and its programs you will gain from attending RLI will give you greater confidence to take on a leadership role in your club and to perform it effectively.
The RLI course is made up of three one day facilitated seminars. All reading material is provided and there is no need for prior preparation and there are no assignments.
There is no cost to your participation. This is one of the services that your District provides to clubs and individual Rotarians.
The next group of seminars is being conducted on the following dates:
Part 1 February 9, 2020
Part 2 February 23, 2020
Part 3 March 8, 2020
The Sessions are from 8.30 am till 2.30 pm morning tea and lunch are included at no cost to you.
To register your interest in attending, simply contact Hank de Smit by telephone on
0419 926425 or by email on hank@businessmasters.net.au or simply go online to https://rotarydistrict9455.org/ and book in upcoming events
Rotary Australia District Governors have agreed to establish a central fund into which all Australians can donate to support the victims of the devastating bushfires ravaging our country. Please spread this message widely.

A link to the fund can be found on the main page pf the RAWCS website here https://rawcs.org.au/
About this website
Rotary Australia World Community Service Ltd. (RAWCS) is a limited company formed to support Australian Rotarians and Rotary Clubs in assisting disadvantaged communities and individuals with humanitarian aid projects.
On behalf District Governor Graham, I would like to advise you that early bird tickets are now available for the 2020  District conference.
Early bird tickets are available at a 10% discount on the regular price until the end of January so be quick to take advantage of this offer.
If you have any queries, please contact the conference chair, Susan Peden, by email at peden199@gmail.com.
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