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Emerita Professor Lynette Abbott "Management of the Health of Soils"

Guest Speaker: Lynette Abbott
Photo: Doug Worthington
Lyn Abbott is a member of the Agricultural Institute of Australia. Lyn's interest is in soil micro biology, Micro rizers, the soil biological fertility with plant interaction. In 2013 Lyn retired but continues with research and supervisors students.

Biology of soil. Living things in soil with a food chain that is more diverse than the most complex rain forest.

Nutrients that are natural without artificial fertilizer through testing the biological. The
focus has been on the chemical. But the soil structure can be poor.

Use of the biological is really complicated with the rizophere mycronical bacteria producing beneficial nitrogen. 

Lots of interactions are taking place in the soil.
Natural plants do well in our for poor soils but slow growth. Too slow for agriculture. Added chemicals miss out on something that is vague and hard to define. We are seeking balance.

What is required in the soil is as much carbon as is possible as preserve. Photosynthesis puts it in. But it requires constant replenish which is very difficult as soil structure reverts to a standard level. Hence the usage of manures, mulches, etc. But this is not useful in the large scale required for agriculture. With recycling rules there are strict statutory rules.
Looking after this soil in the agriculture community by working with a group of farmers in Wagin. The focus on perennials putting more more carbon in the soil. But putting more carbon in the soil takes a lots of time.
2003 to 2012. Longer perennial more carbon after two years. The soil  was limed in 2007.
Change soil conditions over time with cropping.
Testing the soil does not tell much without the geology and history. Hence the need for the farmer's knowledge over time.
School children shown how to look at the soil and being aware.
Perth Royal Show Discover Dirt.

Don Burnside with Guest Speaker: Lynette Abbott
Photo: Doug Worthington
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Managment of Health of Soils

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In yet another program to achieve worldwide peace, up to 100 Rotary Peace Fellows are selected to attend Rotary Peace Centers to participate in master's degree programs at one of the partner universities. Rotary Peace Fellows study subjects related to the root causes of conflict and explore innovative solutions that address real-world needs. There are more than 1,000 peace fellowship alumni are working in over 100 countries. Do you have a Peace Fellow candidate in your community?


Australia Rotary clubs raise awareness and funds to prevent domestic violence and support its victims.


Hunted for body parts and isolated by fear, Tanzanians with albinism are finding new futures through Rotary programs that fight pervasive myths and stigmas.


Canada Rotary club helping refugees from Syria start new lives.

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Well Done on Australia Day Sausage Sizzle.

Great organisation by Allan, great team work by the club and friends of the club for 1,900 sausages in a bun going to a hungry and needy public.

A Message From Lauren In Brazil

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On the 19th of Jan, I said my final goodbyes to friends and family, gladly only minimal tears were shed but many hugs and words of encouragement were given. The airport was hectic with many students, from Perth, Geraldton and towns down south preparing to depart Perth. After 27 hours of flying and a 4 hour layover in Dubai, I finally arrived in Brazil, greeted by my very excited host family and Rotary members. We drove the long drive to my host city; Assis, the morning after I arrived in Brazil. After about 5 hours, I arrived in Assis and was luckily enough to be able to stay awake to see the city, despite the jet lag I felt. Over the next couple of days, I caught up with the other exchange students in my city, went to two Rotary meetings where I introduced myself in very broken Portuguese and tried to get use to my new city. Stay tuned for more photos to come.
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1983-84 William E. Skelton (universities – extension administration), Rotary Club of Christiansburg-Blacksburg, Virginia, USA.
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