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Meeting 21 November
Rod Slater Update on Polio Plus

File Photo of Rod Slater

Donors pledge $US2.6b to eradicate polio

Donors have pledged $US2.6 billion, almost half by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, in the fight to eradicate polio globally.
Source: Reuters NOVEMBER 20, 2019 12:42AM
Donor governments and philanthropists have pledged $US2.6 billion ($A3.8 billion) to help fund a worldwide polio eradication plan that has taken decades to reach what global health specialists say is now the "last mile".
The funding - almost of half of which came in a single donation from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation - will be used to immunise 450 million children against polio each year, the World Health Organisation said in a statement.
WHO director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that by seeking to reach "every last child" with vaccines against the crippling viral disease, the Global Polio Eradication Initiative is coming ever closer to achieving a polio-free world.
The WHO last month announced a "historic step" in the fight to wipe out polio, certifying that the second of the three types of the polio virus had been eradicated globally.
Global polio cases have been cut by more than 99 per cent since 1988 but the type 1 polio virus is still endemic in Pakistan and Afghanistan, where it has infected 102 people this year. That is a resurgence from a record low global annual figure of 22 cases in 2017.
Polio invades the nervous system and can cause irreversible paralysis within hours. It cannot be cured, but it can be prevented by vaccination, and a dramatic reduction in cases worldwide in recent decades has been due to intense national and regional immunisation campaigns for babies and children.
The $US2.6 billion pledge will part fund the initiative's 2019-2023 "endgame strategy". A total of $US3.27 billion is needed to fully implement the plan, the WHO said.
Donors made their pledges at a "Reaching the Last Mile" polio conference in Abu Dhabi. The funding includes $US1.08 billion from the Gates Foundation, around $US514 million from Britain, $US215 million from the United States, $US160 million from Pakistan and $US150 million from the charity Rotary International.

Congratulations to Robin Arndt on 50 years of service to the Community through Rotary

Here are some photos of that night, source not supplied:
10th Anniversary of East Perth Rotary Club.
Robin at Work as an Architect
Rotary Foundation Group Study Exchange Team visiting Olean (New York City) in 1978.
The lovely Robin and Anne

Notice of our Annual General Meeting to be held at Crowne Plaza Hotel at 7.30 am on Thursday 5th December 2019 

which will incorporate the nomination of office bearers for 2020-2021, approval of the new standard Rotary Constitution which will apply to the Rotary Club of Heirisson, presentation of the accounts for 2018-2019 and any other business.
Nominations for Office Bearers
Included in the Notice is the nomination for Office Bearers for the 2020-2021 Rotary Year.
All nominations should be lodged with the Secretary by no later than noon on midday Monday 2nd December 2019.
All nominations will be circulated to members prior to the meeting of 5th December 2019.
In the event of more than one nomination for an Office Bearer Role, a secret ballot will be conducted at the AGM.
Changes to the Rotary Club of Heirisson Constitution
Also in the notice are the motions dealing with the changes to the Constitution which are common across all Rotary Clubs.  The specific changes are shown in the notice.
Appointment of a Proxy
Members unable to attend the AGM are invited to appoint a Proxy, (as per the attached Proxy Form,) who may vote on their behalf at the AGM.
If you are unable to attend the AGM on 5 December, please sign the Proxy Form, scan it and send it to the Secretary Ross Jones (rossj6508@gmail.com) before 5 December 2019.
It is anticipated the AGM will only take up a small part of our normal meeting.
Regards, Don
Don Burnside
Club Services, Heirisson Rotary Club
29 Woodsome Street
Mount Lawley WA 6050
E-mail:  don.burnside@iinet.net.au; Phone:  0427 357 982

RYLA 2020 Applications are open!

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RYLA applications are open but closing soon.  The application process is quick and easy and there are no forms for the club to worry about!  All the information you will need is listed below.  

The Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA) Program will be held from the 12th  to the 18th  of January 2020.  This valuable program is for leaders (or potential leaders)  aged 18-25 years in your local community.  The positive effects of this experience will be multiplied many times over in years to come. Participants will benefit from improved leadership, social and professional skills as well as increased confidence and greater community engagement.   Also, RYLA graduates often join Rotaract and some later become Rotarians. 

If you have nominated participants previously, I thank you for your Club’s support of this important youth program. 

Certificate 1 in Leadership

District 9455 RYLA has partnered with South Metropolitan TAFE to award RYLA participants who successfully complete the program a Certificate 1 in Leadership.  This is a nationally recognised qualification which will help kick start careers and further increases the program’s value. 

Web Image

Promotion & Application Process:                  

Website – The District 9455 RYLA website is www.ryla9455.org.   We encourage you to visit the site and have a look.   Rotarians can easily give out the web address to potential participants who might be interested.  The website has all the information required for participants.   It also has information about Rotary for potential participants to learn more about us.  Alternatively, you can download the RYLA 2020 flyer by clicking here.  

Electronic applications – Participants fill in their application form on the RYLA website.   Once they fill in the electronic form it is automatically sent to the RYLA team.   Participants need to enter their sponsoring Rotary club and contact .  We will then contact you to advise and organise payment. 

Cost - All transport from Kings Park, Certificate 1 in Leadership, accommodation and meals are included in the nomination fee of $845.00 per attendee.  

Participants are required to pay $250 prior to the camp.   Once they complete the camp they will be refunded $100 – meaning the camp only cost them $150.  This is less than the cost of the Certificate 1 in leadership if the participant was to do it directly with TAFE.   However, if they fail to attend or complete the camp they will not receive their refund.   This helps ensure participants are committed to RYLA and reduces the 'no show rate'.   The club is NOT to collect the participant’s $250 – the participant will pay on the RYLA website (which has an electronic payment portal) after their application has been accepted and Rotary sponsorship confirmed. 

Special consideration and allowances will be considered for those participants that are facing financial hardship.

Who to look for 

While the age range starts at 18, those participants who have had a few years life experience out of high school seem to get a lot more out of the program.   So, in looking for participants, we encourage you to focus on universities and workplaces.  

Applications close 1st December 2019  and  payment is only required after confirmation of acceptance is given.   Late applications may be accepted if there are still vacancies for the Camp. 

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or issues. 

Yours in Rotary, 

Regan Ashley 

District Chair RYLA 9455 

PH: 0400 842 464 

Email: ryla.9455@outlook.com 

web: www.ryla9455.org 

Footrot Flats Cartoons

Next Club Meeting:
Thursday 28 November 7am for 7.30am start at
Gusti Restaurant
Crowne Plaza
54 Terrace Road, 
Parking in the Street

Meeting cost is
$15 continental and $20 full breakfast




Children protected from polio still face other illnesses, and in Borno, malaria kills more people than all other diseases combined. Worldwide, a child dies of malaria every two minutes. To prevent its spread, insecticide-treated bed nets — such as the one Hurera Idris is pictured installing in her home — are often distributed for free during polio immunization events. In 2017, the World Health Organization, one of Rotary’s partners in the GPEI, organized a campaign to deliver antimalarial medicines to children in Borno using polio eradication staff and infrastructure. It was the first time that antimalarial medicines were delivered on a large scale alongside the polio vaccine, and the effort reached 1.2 million children.

Rotary and its partners also distribute soap and organize health camps to treat other conditions. “The pluses vary from one area to another. Depending on the environment and what is seen as a need, we try to bridge the gap,” says Tunji Funsho, chair of Rotary’s Nigeria PolioPlus Committee. “Part of the reason you get rejections when you immunize children is that we’ve been doing this for so long. In our part of the world, people look at things that are free and persistent with suspicion. When they know something else is coming, reluctant families will bring their children out to have them immunized.”

Source: https://www.rotary.

Meeting Responsibilities
Roster for 28 November 2019
Set up / Pack away
Smith, Warwick
Burnside, Don
Roster for 5 December 2019
Set up / Pack away
Webb, Sheridan
Crossland, Jim
Roster for 12 December 2019
Set up / Pack away
Fletcher, Rick
Pierazzoli, Claudia
Roster for 19 December 2019
Set up / Pack away
McCappin, Chris
Fletcher, Debbie
Birthdays & Anniversaries
Member Birthdays
Rosalie Saxby
November 13
Don Burnside
November 20
Rick Fletcher
December 12
Spouse Birthdays
Bev Burnside
November 12
Rick Fletcher
December 12
Robin Arndt
Ann Arndt
December 23
Join Date
Rod Slater
November 24, 2006
13 years

All of the coming events – fund-raising, promotional and social – that are coming up in the next two months.  Can you please list these events in your diaries.

Foodbank Packing, Foodbank, 8.00 am to 12.00 pm, 25 November
The Foodbank warehouse is located at Perth Airport (see https://www.foodbank.
).  We need to be there early, to enable us to pack about 1,250 hampers, operating along an assembly line.  It is an enjoyable morning.  One requirement – participants need to be wearing closed shoes. 

Sunday 1 December lunch time barbecue Christmas at President Allan’s, 13 Woodsome Street, Mount Lawley

Brass in the Grass 2019 
5.00 to 8.00 pm
11 December

We are collaborating with the East Perth Community Group and will be providing – yes you guessed it – a sausage sizzle.

Perth Homelessness We Care get their annual dinner together which will be held 17th  December

Lindsey Francis seeking assistance with the Perth Homelessness We Care dinner seeking dontations towards the cost of the Turkey,  which comes to $640 required to feed the 350 to 400 homeless as a school has donated the Ham.
I hoped it was a good idea that clubs could chip in a little each. Elizabeth Quay is bumping in the tables  and chairs which have been loaned FoC by Reece, one woman is  making all the rolls by hand , another is going to make Christmas puddings and chocolate puddings despite being on chemotherapy  so I offered before I thought about that some Rotary Clubs would help with the Turkey. If we come in short I will donate the remainder myself, if we come in over in can go towards some more water for them to take away or tins of tuna etc.
RC Matilda Bay
Please donate directly to Lindsey Francis by contacting her via her email.

Rotary WA Cordblood bank

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In 2005 Rotary International celebrated its centenary. Rotarians in Western Australia resolved to recognise this important occasion by providing the community with a tangible project to serve the community in a free and ethical manner, in line with Rotary’s ethos.
After an exhaustive process it was agreed that a public Cord Blood Service would be established at the Australian Red Cross Blood Service’s (ARCBS) facility in Wellington St, Perth, to permit the collection, storage and provision of umbilical stem cells for the clinical treatment of malignant and other diseases of the immune and blood systems.
After a major fund-raising program the facility was built at ARCBS on time and on budget. It was equipped and prepared by Gail Lazzaro who worked tirelessly on the project. Subsequently, the facility was licensed by the Therapeutic Goods Administration to collect umbilical cord blood (and process and store the resultant stem cells). King Edward Memorial Hospital had signed a MOU with ARCBS to act us the primary collection centre.
In the meantime, a significant change in clinical practice has led to a global decline in the use of cord blood as a source of stem cells. Consequently, the Federal Government determined that the inventory of stem cells held in E.S. banks is adequate for clinical use in the future and that it will no longer fund collection of any umbilical cord stem cells in Australia. Coincidentally, the Government has altered its indemnity protection of ARCBS, limiting it to purely blood and blood products. As a consequence, ARCBS has advised the Rotary representatives on the Project Steering Committee that it consider the Rotary WA Cord Blood Bank is no longer viable. It has informed us that proposes to re-name the facility the Rotary WA Health Innovation Centre and to identify alternative innovative therapeutic projects to use the world class facility that Rotary has provided.
Since Rotary in WA has fulfilled the terms of the contract and is in the process of handing over the management of the facility to ARCBS, this decision is entirely one for ARCBS. The title ‘Rotary’ will remain in the name of the re-purposed facility and we are assured that it will continue to provide life-enhancing and ethical therapies to our community, entirely in line with the intent of the original concept and with that of the donors to our fund-raising. Like all things in life, clinical practices advance and evolve, and Rotary WA understands that to deliver the best outcomes for West Australians, we need to support changes and developments too. We remain confident that our centennial gift to the WA Community will continue to provide life-enhancing benefit for many years to come.
Yours in Rotary Service,
John Iriks JP
Past Governor, Rotary International District 9460 Chairman, Rotary WA Centennial Ltd as Trustee for the RotaryWA Centennial Trust
Hugh Langridge
Past Governor, Rotary International District 9470 Director, Rotary WA Centennial Ltd as Trustee for the RotaryWA Centennial Trust
Peter McKerracher OAM
Past Governor, Rotary International District 9450 Director, Rotary WA Centennial Ltd as Trustee for the RotaryWA Centennial Trust
13 November 2019


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There are many Rotarians and non Rotarians who provide great service to their communities, at a local, national and international level. Rotary International Zone 8 is seeking nominations for their Humanitarian of the Year and Outstanding Rotarian awards, people who have made great contributions to their community. 
  • This annual award recognises a person who, through their actions, is exemplary in his/her leadership, caring, and commitment to the welfare of humanity, either within Zone 8 or globally. 
  • It is to be awarded to a person who inspires others to action, and who selflessly improves and enriches the lives of both individuals, and the greater society.
“OUTSTANDING ROTARIAN” ZONE 8 DIRECTOR’S AWARD - Nominations must be postmarked by 15 March 2020
The Award:
The “Outstanding Rotarian” Zone 8 Director’s Award acknowledges a Rotarian from Zone 8 who is seen to reflect “Service Above Self” to an outstanding degree but has not received the Rotary International “Service Above Self” award.
Please see the attached documents for more information about each award.
Who do you know who could be considered for the Humanitarian of the Year award? This is a great opportunity to get the word out about Rotary, Rotarians and other community members and the work we do. Consider using social media, your community newspaper or community radio to get the word out.
If it's more convenient, please use the nomination form attached to the Humanitarian of the Year award for both awards.
I look forward to receiving your nominations.
Graham Peden
District Governor 2019 - 2020
Past President 2015 - 2016

Rotary Club of Perth
L5, 110 William Street, Perth  WA  6000
Ph: (08) 9322 9446    M: 0427 010 222
E: graham@wwperth.com  W: www.rotaryperth.org.au
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Board Every 3rd Tuesday Board Member homes in Mount Lawley 6.30pm
Club Service Every 2nd Tuesday 29 Woodsome St, Mt Lawley 6.30pm
Community (Homelessness) Every 1st Wednesday 21 Wittenoom St., East Perth 6pm